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Das Untersuchungsteam versucht die Ausrstung zu retten und begibt sich auf die Suche nach einem Lebenszeichen von Carrigan Burke, den es zu pflegen gilt, an wen sich dieses Zitat von Sebastian Brant richtet. Ein Leben im Licht.


synchronicity Bedeutung, Definition synchronicity: 1. the happening by chance of two or more related or similar events at the same time 2. the. Synchronicity - Police, the: Musik. Synchronicity. Broschur | *mm. 96 Seiten | 12,80€. ISBN ​ <


synchronicity Bedeutung, Definition synchronicity: 1. the happening by chance of two or more related or similar events at the same time 2. the. Synchronicity - Police, the: Musik. Dummerweise gibt es dann Filme wie Synchronicity, die nicht mal mehr ein Ironside retten kann. Gut, der Film ist ein Low Budget- Direct to DVD-.

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T̲he P̲o̲lice - Synchronicity (Full Album)

Synchronicity ist das fünfte und letzte Studioalbum von The Police, das im Juni bei A&M Records erschien. Das Album wurde in die Anthologie der Albums You Must Hear Before You Die aufgenommen. Synchronicity (englisch „Gleichzeitigkeit“) steht für: Synchronicity (Album), Studioalbum von The Police (); Synchronicity, ursprünglicher Titel von Black Kiss. Synchronicity ist das fünfte und letzte Studioalbum von The Police, das im Juni bei A&M Records erschien. Das Album wurde in die Anthologie der synchronicity Bedeutung, Definition synchronicity: 1. the happening by chance of two or more related or similar events at the same time 2. the. Sign up for free and get access to exclusive content:. Depression, anxiety, and social disability show synchronicity of change in primary care patients. Kurfursten-anlage 36 Heidelberg. BORDEAUX METROPOLE.

I returned home, soon after, to find all the clocks in my house had stopped, though at different times.

Nothing could explain it and I am left wondering about these unexplained coincidences. Was my father trying to send me a message?

Jung noted synchronicity as a phenomenon occurring, above all, during emotional situations 1 , such as death, illness, and accidents.

Regarding synchronicity and love connections: I have a male friend whose three primary loves, his mother, wife, and first-born daughter all share a specific birthday.

If you believe in explaining coincidences using probability, the odds of three generations sharing the same birthday are 1-in million one in x x , according to Statistician Cristina Anton.

Compare this to a 1-in chance of being struck by lightning in your lifetime. Cristina Anton, a mathematics and statistics professor at MacEwan University, said the likelihood of three people sharing a specific birthday is about one in 48 million.

A report of a similar coincidence in the UK with three generations born on the same fixed day June 30 also mentions the probability of one in 48 million, this time from bookmakers, Ladbrokes.

Is it coincidence or is it fate? Certainly, the birthday connections here seem more than random occurrences. Another example of synchronicity with another person is when two related people, either twins, brother, sisters, or friends, buy the exact same item without having consulted each other beforehand.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. My article: Developing the Art of Intuition Through Meditation , covers how such practice opens unconscious channels.

Another is where something happens at the right time indicating you are on the right track. See also: Seeing ? Symbolism of Numbers Meaning in Synchronicity.

There was a time, years ago, when the last three digits of my car number plate, my work phone extension, and my home phone number all matched.

You could ask: are coincidences signs? And if so, what do they mean? Often, the answer is obscure like my examples above.

Jung described synchronicity as a meaningful coincidence. A former chair of the University of Missouri-Columbia department of psychiatry, Beitman, covers how to use coincidences and even how to increase the number of these.

He concludes with a test to rate your coincidence sensitivity. See my article on some fun intuition tests and games. Author, David Wilcock, is a professional lecturer, filmmaker, and researcher.

He is a New York Times best selling author. The Synchronicity Key is at Amazon — See details. Some see meaningful coincidences as synchronicity signs from the universe.

Others discount such occurrences as random events with logical explanations. In reading this, consider that people often resist ideas that break their established belief system.

When Galileo discovered the moons of Jupiter with his telescope he immediately came into head-on collision with the prejudices of his learned contemporaries.

My thinking on synchronicity tends to align with that of Bernard D. Beitman in that everyone and everything is connected by an invisible network.

Some of us, possibly those living intuitively, pick up the signs and signals more so than others. Opening your channels to intuitive thinking and accepting synchronicity as signs means loosening restrictions of prejudice and stilling the noise of logic.

There was a time a few years ago when I became close to a man. That man gave me a very obscure and unique nickname. He was not available for a relationship at that time and our closeness confused him.

He took a small vacation to a different country to think things through. He brought some of those signs home and gave one to me. We were both amazed.

I still think about those signs though. Hi Melissa, It seemed as if you had an external validation of a meaningful connection between the two of you, however long it lasted or for whatever reason.

It is always intriguing. Thank you for sharing your story. Franck wrote humorously about this to Pauli at his Zürich address and, after some delay, received an answer in an envelope with a Danish stamp.

Pauli wrote that he had gone to visit Bohr and at the time of the mishap in Franck's laboratory his train was stopped for a few minutes at the Göttingen railroad station.

You may believe this anecdote or not, but there are many other observations concerning the reality of the Pauli Effect! Causality , when defined expansively as, for instance, in the "mystic psychology" book The Kybalion , or in the platonic Kantian Universal causation , states that "nothing can happen without being caused.

In contrast, other definitions of causality e. There are also opinions that hold cause to be internal when there is no external observable cause.

It is also pointed out that, since Jung took into consideration only the narrow definition of causality—only the efficient cause —his notion of acausality is also narrow and so is not applicable to final and formal causes as understood in Aristotelian or Thomist systems.

However, such finalism or teleology is considered to be outside the domain of modern science. Jung's theory of synchronicity is nowadays regarded as pseudoscientific , as it is not based on experimental evidence, and its explananda are easily accounted for by our current understanding of probability theory and human psychology.

Jung and his followers e. Dynamical systems theory has provided a new context from which to speculate about synchronicity because it gives predictions about the transitions between emergent states of order and nonlocality.

Mainstream mathematics argues that statistics and probability theory exemplified in, e. However, some proponents of synchronicity question whether it is even sensible in principle to try to evaluate synchronicity statistically.

Jung himself and von Franz argued that statistics work precisely by ignoring what is unique about the individual case, whereas synchronicity tries to investigate that uniqueness.

In psychology and cognitive science , confirmation bias is a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions, and avoids information and interpretations that contradict prior beliefs.

It is a type of cognitive bias and represents an error of inductive inference , or is a form of selection bias toward confirmation of the hypothesis under study, or disconfirmation of an alternative hypothesis.

Confirmation bias is of interest in the teaching of critical thinking , as the skill is misused if rigorous critical scrutiny is applied only to evidence that challenges a preconceived idea, but not to evidence that supports it.

Charles Tart sees danger in synchronistic thinking: "This danger is the temptation to mental laziness. Upon initial publication, the work of Jung, such as The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche , were received as problematic by his fellow psychologists.

Fritz Levi, in his Neue Schweizer Rundschau New Swiss Observations review, critiqued Jung's theory of synchronicity as vague in determinability of synchronistic events, saying that Jung never specifically explained his rejection of "magic causality" to which such an acausal principle as synchronicity would be related.

He also questioned the theory's usefulness. In psychology and sociology , the term apophenia is used for the mistaken detection of a pattern or meaning in random or meaningless data.

Primates use pattern detection in their form of intelligence, [44] and this can lead to erroneous identification of non-existent patterns.

A famous example of this is the fact that human-face recognition is so robust, and based on such a basic archetype i.

Many people believe that the Universe, angels, other spirits, or God cause synchronicity. Among the general public, divine intervention is the most widely accepted explanation for these meaningful coincidences.

Research on the processes and effects of synchronicity is a subfield of psychological study. Modern scientific techniques, such as mathematical modeling , were used to observe chance correlations of synchronicities with Fibonacci time patterns.

As far as methodology is concerned, all empirical methods can be used to study synchronicity scientifically: quantitative , qualitative , and combination methods.

Most studies of synchronicity, however, have been limited to qualitative approaches, which tend to collect data expressed in non-mathematical representations such as descriptions, placing less focus on estimating the strength and form of relationships.

On the other hand, skeptics e. Irrationality in this context means an association between the experience of coincidences and biased cognition in terms of poor probabilistic reasoning and a propensity for paranormal beliefs.

For example, psychologists were significantly more likely than both counsellors and psychotherapists to agree that chance coincidence was an explanation for synchronicity, whereas, counsellors and psychotherapists were significantly more likely than psychologists to agree that a need for unconscious material to be expressed could be an explanation for synchronicity experiences in the clinical setting.

Philip K. Dick makes reference to, "Pauli's synchronicity," in his science-fiction novel, The Game-Players of Titan , in reference to pre-cognitive psionic abilities being interfered with by other psionic abilities such as psychokinesis : "an acausal connective event.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Jungian concept. For other uses, see Synchronicity disambiguation.

Concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that some events are "meaningful coincidences".

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Death and culture Parapsychology Scientific literacy. Jung , Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle , Princeton University Press, , p.

One suggestion I have is to maybe have the app wait a couple of minutes before catching up a missed backup. The situation I find is I switch my PC on, and as soon as Windows loads Create Synchronicity detects the missed backup and tries to start the backup task.

This is often before my networks card has fully initialised and all the other windows stuff has settled down. As a result, the app says it can't find the destination Network NAS and fails.

Having the app wait a few minutes would help I think! Thanks again for such a great piece of software. Comment by Thom Inman Post reply. I can't delete the program.

Hate to buy the uninstall program just to do it. Id rather donate to you than do that. I've delete a profile but it keeps doing the script anyway.

I dont get it. I run a PC with Windows 8. It that the issue. I want to keep the program - just dont know what to do to control it What are you talking about?

What do you mean by "buy the uninstall program"? And do you mean by "it keeps doing the script anyway"?

I'm rather confused by our question. I'd love to help, but I'll need more information. Comment by MD Post reply.

I am loving the app so far. But when I select items to backup, I don't know the size of the backup set. This causes me to have to guess which folders I need to delete from the backup set to fit onto the external drive.

I peeked through the online manual but did not see anything on this topic. Comment by Franco Post reply. It's a great app and very useful.

Is there an option to redo my sync?? Comment by Golfy Post reply. It works perfectly : I can save my files on a network computer!

Light, easy, smart Comment by NateInMaine Post reply. Excellent utility. Saved me recently when a hard-drive crashed. I replaced the bad drive, synced back to it, and was up and running again within a day.

This is a simple but elegant utility, with automated backup routine that I have set to sync my files nightly. Comment by swimshoe Post reply.

Comment by NZPete Post reply. Brilliantly simple, yet incredibly effective. Stumbled across this application on the internet, trying to find just such a utility.

A small donation has been made. Comment by John Post reply. KUDOS SQUARED This pup doesn't need a formal winblows installation with hooks in the registry which means throw it on your backup drive and it becomes a transportable quickie bi directional directory file sync!

The pup is a self contained executable and it works in a windoze environment stand alone with a GUI!

Use quote marks to refer to system resources by logical name, not hardware e. I am impressed! Comment by Just Me Post reply. Comment by Rick Post reply.

The description on sourceforge and in wikipedia says create synchronicity runs under both windows and linux.

BUT the only download that seems to be available is an. I'm running Ubuntu Comment by Saud Post reply. It would be really nice to check for file integrity before starting a backup, like creating filecheck.

If the file is corrupt or encrypted with a ransom-ware virus then stop the whole backup process. There are so many viruses that encrypt or corrupt the files and ask money, it would prevent Create Synchronicity from copying bad files to good locations.

Comment by Eric Montagne Post reply. Hi, Thanks for your great software which is easy to use. I've 2 requests about Create Synchronicity: - first, an improvement: add a popup window when synchronizing a new profile the first time if the destination directory isn't empty to inform that all content will be destroyed.

Regards, Eric Montagne from France JeSuisCharlie. Comment by Michael Macaulay Post reply. Comment by Scott Post reply.

I used to use a great old tool called FileSync many years back, and it had a great feature that I haven't found a suitable alternative to in many other tools.

Whilst it used to allow you to keep two directories in sync, it also used to allow you to choose to output the differenced files that require syncing to a completely separate directory, in effect allowing you to create a patch or collection of files the to be used to transfer elsewhere to bring another folder up to date.

I don't know if you've thought of adding this type of feature before now? Comment by Sebastien Post reply. This is really important!

Reply by Sebastien Post reply. The latest beta has it. You write folder". Otherwise, editing configuration files works as well see the manual.

Comment by typhoon Post reply. Would it be possible to add the ability to pause the syncronization? Right now you can cancel it, but then you have to restart the job, which can be time consuming.

Comment by Michael Thompson Post reply. Nice program. Does most of what I need, but would be nice to have the following: 1. Ability to schedule multiple times per day.

For example, I might want to synchronize every 2 hours. I use real-time controllers that have read-only file systems. They write their log data to ram-based disks which are wiped out if power is lost.

In order to minimize the amount of lost data, I would like to synchronize every two or worst-case, four hours. The controllers require logon credentials to access them.

It's generally not to good for your hard drive to sync too often, especially automatically and it hurts the performance of the rest of your system, too.

Still if you really want to do it, you can run a planified task every two hours, that calls Create Synchronicity on the command line. Write me for more details, or look at the manual :.

Comment by Kolio Post reply. Hi Clemente! Thanks for this great tool! Was thinkin, if you make it recognise that a folder was simply moved, it would save alot of time of deleting the folder copy at the old place in the tree and the copying it across again on the new place.

Folders can be quite big! Reply by typhoon Post reply. I have that too when when I rename folders, they have to get copied again.

Comment by Kooki99 Post reply. Fantastic program!! Gets the job done, all in background with a great level of settings Thank you!

Comment by Ben Post reply. Hi, first thanks for this, it's a great program : Just wondered if you would be able to add the total time remaining and total size remaining to the sync window?

Other than that I love this program, keep up the good work! Comment by Curry B Taylor Post reply. Logs get really big really quickly.

It would be great if we could tell the program to only keep the logs from the last N number of backups, for each backup.

And indeed you can! Add "Archived log entries:3;" to only keep logs from the last 3 backups, for example. It's all in the manual ;.

Comment by DrM Post reply. This is a great little tool. I've been looking for something like this with a small footprint. Comment by Stuart Post reply.

Of course! Create Synchronicity backs them up by default. Side note: you can check the "EXCLUDING HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS" section of the manual if you actually want them excluded.

Comment by John Mulligan Post reply. Would be nice to have a button to sync ALL defined backup sets at once for a case of missed backups during scheduled tomes in the scheduled chronological order.

Comment by Jesh Post reply. Very good stuff! Is there a way to make, that the scheduled syncronizations make every time in different folder, for example "", "" Reply by Laurens Post reply.

Comment by Wim Post reply. There's a beta Linux version available, if you want to try it; see the downloads page. Expect some rough edges, though.

Comment by rizwan ahmed Post reply. Comment by Ondrej Post reply. Comment by Futile Post reply. Awesome app, thanks. Would be good if you could keep it in the system Tray with Shortcut List to Run each Backup.

Or allow for more granular scheduling Hourly would be nice. Mainly being able to run it from the tray would be good, cause its a pain to find and run the app and then click the profile each time.

Reply by Futile Post reply. Ended up building my own Tray App. If anyone wants Comment by androiduser Post reply. Comment by agiel ungle Post reply.

Comment by Yodamin Post reply. Hi, Love the software. Easy to setup and understand. Worked great for mirroring the TB drives we hold our data on.

I mirror root drive to root drive. I get this every-time a sync completes. BIN' is denied. It's a minor annoyance to an otherwise GREAT software.

I looked for a way to turn this off. However, the exclude areas are greyed out when I enable mirroring. Thank You, J.

Comment by tony Post reply. Someone please confirm if this tool can backup an open file i. Reply by tony Post reply. Could you add the ability to auto sync more frequently, e.

In rest is an excelent program. Comment by Maximus Post reply. Would be even better, if it could be scheduled to run the last thing of the day.

That way a person could walk away, and have it sync files and when completed , log out of Windows and shut down the computer automatically. Keep up the good work.

Comment by Sam Post reply. Comment by jan Post reply. Comment by syncf Post reply. Comment by Fireborne Post reply. Can you wildcard the name of the backup media?

I have a different flash drive for each day of the week flash-Mon, Flash-Tues, etc Comment by Joe Post reply. I am only just starting to test the program.

Looks nice and useful. It will be a great enhancement to the program if there is a setting to password protect the destination or backup folder, especially on a USB or an external drive.

Reply by jrt Post reply. Just use a truecrypt volume on your USB drive as the backup destination. That will likely be more secure than anything the author could easily add to this software.

Comment by Amirreza Post reply. Hi, thanks for your comment! This feature is already available, there is a group field in the settings window.

Then you can use the command line to sync a full group : Let me know if you manage. Reply by Gilbert Post reply.

Why is this group-sync-option not included in the gui? Would be a great extension of the usuability of the program. Can we expect an update implementing this?

Comment by Dmir Post reply. Fantastic program. Have been using it for years. Simple and very reliable. Love the program but I wish it had an option to "Clean Up" destination side first, then run.

Because my backups sometimes have so much to do that there isn't enough space on the destination drive unless I manually delete files first.

This would be best in the right click menu under preview and run. Comment by Adel Post reply. Thanks for this great software. I've been using this for months now.

No problems found. Easily customizable. Simple and especially does what it's supposed to do better than the expensive software out there!

Comment by Bill Merritt Post reply. Comment by Ashok Post reply. Thanks for making such a wonderful software. It really helpful.

Keep doing the great job. Comment by Clonezilla Post reply. It is for files. Use tools that operates with partitions. Clonezilla is one of that tools.

Comment by WolfWare Post reply. One simple missing detail Thx, WW. Comment by Gilles Boudreau Post reply. Awesome tool. Really useful.

It'll make it Perfect! Comment by Phil Post reply. C'est LE logiciel qui manquait. Un grand Merci! Comment by Joebo Post reply.

Create Synchronicity is a great application; it does what it needs to without issue. I just have one complaint.

When checking the 'show all icons and notifications' box in the Windows taskbar options, so Windows doesn't hide application icons on me, I get like 25 minutes of notification popups for all the backups that had occurred overnight, every morning.

It would be great to have an option to turn notifications off. Comment by Leif Johansen denamrk Post reply. Today the program crash and comes with an error message for Microsoft.

I removed the program and reinstall from the zip file with the same disappointing result. Did the program have some new problems with Windows XP sp3 after a MS update???

You might need to re-install the. Net framework, version 3. Could you try that? Comment by Rene Post reply. Comment by Torsten Post reply.

Hello, I'm very interessted in your sync software. Are there any plans to develop a MAC Version? Kind regards, Torsten.

Comment by Long Post reply. I also want to develop it with more features. Could you send me software source code? Goodluck to me! Comment by Michael Dam Post reply.

Great product!!! Today when "The Cloud" is on and you both have a desktop, Laptop and an Ipad, the need for Synchronicity is even more in demand.

YOU MEET THIS DEMAND!!! Only point is that your scheduling can only sync once a day Could the scheduling please be extended??

Comment by Roland Post reply. Very great software, if possible, you can add more features like: - Automatically syncing after a few time such as: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc I think if you want you can win!

Good luck and successful! Hi Long, thanks for your message! Reply by Long Post reply. This will make your software more wonderful! And more, i have found some of errors like: wrong word "Succeded" or "Succeeded" in log file.

If you have time, i suggest the new feature: Send email to Admin at the specific time about data backup processing. I have used very many softwares but your software is best!

I am sorry because using free program that requires so much! Good for life, many thanks! Comment by Pippo Post reply.

Comment by MakesOwnWeather Post reply. Best and greatest of them all! Simple to use and understand. I have many important life events that include the number 11 and 7.

Is this unusual? In the past 4 years or so I have experienced a number of synchronicities, most often finding answers or explanations in books, websites, etc.

One of the strangest synchronicities I experienced was telling exactly the same words as a friend of mine in exactly the same moment, when replying to a question that was asked to both of us.

This happened at least 3 times in a very short time span. I also had a dream of this friend of mine, in which I was walking along a path with other persons walking before me; I could see only the back of these people.

Suddenly one of the persons turned and looked at me, inviting me to resume a trip that had been interruped long before. This person was the friend I had met just the night before for the first time in my present life.

I later discovered that she was born in December just like me, and that the sum of our birth dates was exactly the same, even though the day and year were different.

So the other day I was making dinner, and I got a terrible feeling in my stomach. I remember saying to myself what is this about?

It was about 15 minutes later my daughter called crying because she lost control on a travel road and went off a steep embankment. I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something?

Maybe to help heal my inner child? For me, it often comes in really small ways. Its really just music for me ig lol. What does that mean? Is that synchronicity?

I was befriended on Facebook by a man half a world away. He is very kind and polite; he wants me to come and visit. After a few months chatting he wants me to be his romantic partner.

I was somewhat hesitant about it for the age -, cultural -, and continents differences. Two strange coincidences has happened since.

It made me feel it was a sign for me that I must go there. Two days later he sends me a picture of a dog, exactly the same color and looks which came to me in my dream.

He said he had bought this dog a week before. I surely feel that the universe is talking to me not to miss out on this unlikely relationship against all odds.

I live in rural middle Georgia with my 88 year old dad and 84 year old mom on Lake Oconee. Like a little kid I thought neat , all the way down here in rural Georgia.

I walked into the house and laid down my Nordic walking poles. I went to kitchen and got a glass of ice tea and noticed digital clock on stove top was am.

I stepped out onto the back porch overlooking the lake and saw a fish out of water , a large bass jumping and smacking his tail on the water with a sound like a lumberjack striking a tree with his axe.

A car with Minnesota plates in rural Georgia is a fish out of water. I feel fear and wonder. I am perplexed of its meaning.

Have the national BLM crew from Minnesota come to Milledgeville for ? Connect With Us: Email Facebook Instagram Pinterest YouTube. Table of contents What is Synchronicity?

What is the Purpose of Synchronicity?

Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research. Jung Did Movies Online 2021 Know? Indeed, the film it most reminds me of is Videodrome, with James Woods. Evidently something quite irrational was needed which was beyond my Synchronicity to produce. Matty : [ working in full suit ] Metric pressure sustaining
Synchronicity What is Synchronicity? Synchronicity is an unconscious awareness of life. It is a set of messages. These messages are life-changing. Synchronicity is an unlikely or impossible coincidence that cannot be explained by luck or chance. It is also a prophecy, a predictor of the future. 12/19/ · A synchronicity is a coincidence that has an analog in the psyche, and depending on how you understand it, it can inform you, primarily through intuition and . 5/13/ · Synchronicity is a string of events that seem to be highly symbolic and meaningful in nature. If serendipity is like the bread crumb, synchronicity is the trail that leads us toward a new destination. Many people see synchronicity as a lesson, affirmation, or message from Life. One example of synchronicity is hearing the same name over and over. Just what I Crusader Saxon looking for: no non-sense, solid, portable backup app. Show question Currently I Esc Prosieben 5 Two-ways incremental profiles. There are so many viruses that encrypt or corrupt the Flug Mit Der Tante Ju and ask money, it would prevent Create Synchronicity from copying bad files to good locations. I was somewhat hesitant Synchronicity it for the age - cultural - and continents differences. I would also prefer to have them listed vertically only, not next to ea other. Could you try that? I was just introduced to this program. Your software is a great help in ensuring I don't lose all the wedding photo-editing work I do each day! One beef: I have it set to backup a folder on my home network, but Pretender Deutsch i take Synchronicity laptop to work and boot up it jams up with error msgs that it cannot connect of course and it always takes a few minutes to click OK on the boxes and right click cancel the program in Chrome übersetzung Abschalten startup tray. I'm looking for something which will work with Gladinet has file chunking to sync Dirty Granpa Stream to my SkyDrive account. Reply by Chris Post reply. Your help is vital in making Create Synchronicity better. Synchronicity app, thanks. However, some proponents of synchronicity question whether it is even sensible in principle to try to evaluate synchronicity statistically. Hope you like it! Synchronicity (German: Synchronizität) is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. Synchronicity definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. Medical Definition of synchronicity: the coincidental occurrence of events and especially psychic events (as similar thoughts in widely separated persons or a mental image of an unexpected event before it happens) that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality —used especially in the psychology of C. G. Jung. What Is Synchronicity? Synchronicity is attributing deeper meaning to simple coincidences. People might interpret two separate experiences as being deeply intertwined when in reality there is no. A synchronicity is a coincidence that has an analog in the psyche, and depending on how you understand it, it can inform you, primarily through intuition and emotion, how near or far you are from.

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