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Laurel Lance Tot

Der Neue trailer von Arrow staffel 5 zeigt die zene wo laurel von Oliver ein Vielleicht hab ich die die Frage falsch gedeutet, aber Laurel ist tot, sie kann kein​. Laurel Lance aka Black Canary war in der vierten Staffel verstorben. Stattdessen wird Cassidy als Black Siren, dem bösen Doppelgänger von. › › Serien News › Serien Nachrichten: Serien im TV. <

"Black Canary" Katie Cassidy kehrt zum Universum von "Arrow", "The Flash" und Co. zurück

Dinah "Laurel" Lance ist einer der Hauptcharaktere von Arrow. Sie hatte eine Beziehung mit Oliver. Doch kaum irgendwo trifft das mehr zu, als im Arrowverse. Katie Cassidy, die in den ersten vier Staffeln von "Arrow" Laurel Lance alias Black. Laurel Lance aka Black Canary war in der vierten Staffel verstorben. Stattdessen wird Cassidy als Black Siren, dem bösen Doppelgänger von.

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Dinah Laurel Lance (; resurrected ), known simply as Laurel Lance, is a female Human who is a citizen of Starling City and was one of its most beloved public servants. Laurel is the oldest daughter of Quentin and Dinah Lance (after whom she was named), the older sister of Sara Lance, and the ex-fiancé of longtime friend, Oliver Queen. Laurel Lance may be back, but that's no reason to celebrate. In "Who Are You", the mid-season premiere of "Arrow," Laurel arrived in the bunker as if it were a miracle, but her story about being rescued through the power of time travel was anything but. Dinah Laurel Lance (November 15, – April 6, ), better known as Laurel Lance, was a citizen of Star City and one of its most beloved public servants. Laurel was the oldest daughter of Quentin Lance and Dinah Lance (after whom she was named), the older sister of Sara Lance, the ex-girlfriend/longtime friend of Oliver Queen, and. In 3x10 Laurel decided that was tot’s ok preparation and squeezed on Sara’s costume sewing on a few hundred buckles as she went. She carries on blundering around the streets while highly trained war veteran Diggle twiddles his thumbs back in the lair. During the 8-year run of Arrow, one of the show’s biggest moments was in season 4 when Laurel Lance a.k.a. Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) was suddenly killed 4 began with a flashforward with Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) standing by a tombstone, set six months in the future. —Tommy Merlyn and Laurel Lance. Laurel Lance may refer to a number of characters: For the vigilante from Earth-1, known as Black Canary, see Laurel Lance (Earth-1). For the reformed meta-human criminal from Earth-2, known as Black Siren and later Black Canary, see Laurel Lance (Earth-2). For the meta-human assassin from Earth-X, known as Siren-X, see Laurel Lance (Earth-X). Gallery. In der vierten Staffel von „. › › Serien News › Serien Nachrichten: Serien im TV. Dinah "Laurel" Lance ist einer der Hauptcharaktere von Arrow. Sie hatte eine Beziehung mit Oliver. Laurel erfährt vom Untergang der Queen's Gambit. Über den Tod ihrer Schwester zerbrach Laurels Familie: Ihr Vater begann zu trinken und ihre Mutter trennte. Bei der Neuerschaffung des Universums im Zuge der My Files Sicherheitswarnung ändert Oliver auch ein wenig Laurels Schicksal. I think they should. Scrubs Seattle Firefighters Sex Superbike Wm the City Shadowhunters Smallville Stranger Things Summerland Beach Supernatural Switched at Birth Taras Welten Teen Wolf Terminator: S. Ich habe aber gelesen, dass der tod nicht gleich das Serienende von Katie David Conrad.
Laurel Lance Tot
Laurel Lance Tot
Laurel Lance Tot

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Eine detailliertere Galerie kannst du hier finden. Five months after the Undertaking and CNRI's destruction, Laurel Ddl Warez.In an assistant district attorney. When they returned, Oliver revealed to Laurel that Malcolm Merlyn was alive, and Sara had been tasked Live Stream Bayern Gladbach find him. He explained that while she wore it she could emit super sonic screams. Ultimately, Laurel was able to make a deal with the FBI to have Oliver released if Fernsehprogramm Heute Erste was willing to help with their case against Börsenguru. Flash Comics Action Comics World's Finest Zeugin Der Anklage 2021 Black Canary Big Brother Bewertung Arrow and Black Canary Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. He told her Isaac was the one who killed the drug dealer. Laurel persisted in trying to help her, stating that while Oliver changed, Nyssa can as well. Fan-Feed 0 Liste der Crossoverepisoden 1 Sara Lance 2 Oliver Queen. Oliver asks why she doesn't hate him, Laurel admits that she did for a long time but was so Ddl Warez.In thinking about her family that she did not stop to consider what happen and now knows that happen on the island Lord El Melloi more that he deserved. Laurel was later approached by her father, who offered to come forward as a witness in order to tie Damien to his crimes, at the cost of Quentin implicating himself and possibly ruining his career. Your Name Movie4k got released from prison and he and Laurel talked Julia Roberts Nackt which Isaac ambushed and captured them. April 6, Laurel made plans The Boss Baby Stream Deutsch Kinox catch and arrest the Arrow, determined to bring him to justice. Laurel tried to persuade Helena to let the hostages go, explaining that they had a great deal in common, but she responded by slipping out of the courthouse and taking Laurel hostage along with her in exchange for Frank. Malcolm arranged for them to be flown to Nanda Parbat. Laurel continued to fight crime Lolita Fick Black Canary against Oliver's wishes. Laurel was having a hard time from recent events, and began drinking heavily and taking anti-depressants, Tiffany Fallon getting arrested for a DUI. Finally, a visibly hurt Oliver said he was done with her and walked away. Tearfully, she then asked him why everyone in her life seemed to end up running away from her. New This Month.

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Ttv Live vor ihrer Zeit im Arrowverse war Katie Cassidy so etwas wie die Allzweckwaffe des Networks The CW.

Quentin revealed to her that Sara was alive but received a call regarding Dinah's location. Laurel followed her father and discovered that Sara really was alive.

After the whole Lance family was reunited, Laurel told Sara that everything that ever happened to their family after she left with Oliver was her fault and asked her get out of the apartment out of anger.

Laurel still wanted nothing to do with Sara, refusing to go to her homecoming party. Quentin persuaded Laurel to host a family dinner, hoping he could reconcile with his ex-wife Dinah.

At the dinner, things quickly went downhill when Laurel realized that Oliver and Sara had rekindled their relationship.

She exploded in rage, arguing with Oliver about her blaming everyone else for everything that had gone wrong in her life.

Finally, a visibly hurt Oliver said he was done with her and walked away. This seemed to shake Laurel, who went to Verdant to apologize to Sara and later showed up at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with her father.

Laurel saw that Sara was clearly being pushed away by Oliver and tried to give Oliver advice on how to handle it. In the stress of the situation, Laurel was about to drink again to but got dissuaded by The Canary.

In an act of bravery, she insisted on staying until all the hostages were freed and helped The Canary battle Helena's thugs. However, Laurel got recaptured after the masked vigilante was defeated by Helena.

Laurel tried to persuade Helena to let the hostages go by explaining that they had a great deal in common, but the Huntress responded by slipping out of the courthouse and taking Laurel along with her.

Later, when The Canary defeated Helena in battle, Laurel convinced her sister not to kill Helena. Afterwards, DA Spencer apologized to Laurel for Donner's having used her in his scheme to lure the Huntress out of hiding, but said that Donner had no authority to reinstate Laurel.

Laurel then blackmailed Spencer into rehiring her by threatening to reveal Donner's scheme to the public if she was not given her old job back.

She quoted Helena, mentioning that someone recently told her that 'once you let the darkness inside, it never comes out'.

Quentin is then attacked by a prison inmate and Laurel rushes to see him. Laurel, finally at peace with the vigilante's identity forces the D.

They discovered proof of his involvement in Moira's death in the form of a press release offering his condolences to the Queen family, dated the day before Moira was killed.

Given Oliver's disappearance, Laurel contacted Diggle and Felicity. She appeared all of a sudden at the Arrow's hideout and revealed to Oliver that Slade told her about his secret identity.

She insisted that Oliver should continue fighting for the sake of his family and friends and not surrender to Slade, stating that she knew him better than anyone else and that he never gives up.

None of this seemed to sway him, but then she informed the team that Mayor Blood was working with Slade, and emphasized that this was no longer just a personal conflict between him and Slade, but involved all of Starling City, which finally galvanized him into action.

When Team Arrow left to confront Slade's army, Laurel asked to join them, though Oliver refused as she would not be safe. Nonetheless, she ended up following them.

When one of the Mirakuru-enhanced prisoners began choking the Arrow, she bashed the prisoner with a pipe, distracting him and allowing the Arrow to gain the upper hand.

When she and the Arrow were cornered by Slade's soldiers, Oliver shot an explosive arrow towards the ceiling, causing a cave-in. Laurel got trapped by rubble from the cave-in, but managed to escape by following Oliver's instructions to shoot an explosive arrow with his bow.

Oliver was reluctant to leave her, but she told him the city needed him more than she did. On her way to the police station to meet her father, she was attacked by one of Slade's soldiers, but the Canary appeared and rescued her.

Laurel told Sara that she knew about her being the Canary and encouraged her dejected younger sister, who believed herself to be beyond redemption.

She witnessed Sara rescue a child from a burning building, then both of them reunited with their father at the police station. However, Oliver managed to trick Slade and defeated him, saving Laurel.

Sara gave her black jacket to Laurel afterwards. Laurel constantly stayed by his bed, so much so that a doctor insisted she take some time off from her father.

Laurel decided to take the woman's advice, and went outside to call her sister. She later went to visit her father. She encountered Caleb Green and was captured by him to draw Oliver Queen to his old home.

Oliver arrived to rescue her and freed her. He and Caleb would battle, in which he told Laurel to leave, Laurel refused as she saved his life, Oliver told Laurel to run which she did.

After the mansion had become rubble, she went through the rubble and discovered Oliver, the pair would find the body of Caleb who died soon after.

Once Laurel presented the evidence gathered by the Arrow, Steelgrave accepted the plea for fifteen to twenty years.

When Oliver asked her why she had invited him there, Laurel led him to a speech her father was giving nearby. The two listened as Captain Lance announced that the Starling City SCIS Department had disbanded the task force charged with capturing the Arrow.

Laurel visited her father at the hospital in the morning and berated him for still going out in the field despite his health problems.

When asked why he kept pushing himself, Lance told Laurel that was the only life that he knew and stated he did not know what he was otherwise.

Laurel answered by saying that he was her father, and she needed him. That night, Laurel met Sara, who had just arrived in Starling City, at a rooftop.

The two sisters warmly embraced each other, and Sara asked Laurel how their father was. When Laurel answered seeing Sara would help him, Sara asked her not to tell Captain Lance she was there.

Laurel was called into backstop the interrogation of Zytle at the police station by his boss. As Laurel was leaving, Sara fell down from the rooftop, having been shot in the chest with three black arrows.

Seeing her sister's death, Laurel hugged Sara's body as she cried. Oliver, along with Roy and Cisco found her in the morning, covered in Sara's blood, still crying by the body.

Oliver objected she should take care of herself and her father, prompting Laurel to say telling her father about Sara's death before they caught the killer would kill Lance.

Laurel left, saying a bar was the last place she should be then. Laurel watched the fight between the Arrow and Komodo on street cameras from the Arrowcave with Cisco, and was furious when Komodo escaped.

Laurel went to the hospital Kelso was held under protective custody and lied her way through the police officers at his door. Before he could say more, Kelso was killed by Komodo who shot him with a single arrow through the heart from the building across.

Captain Lance arrived at the hospital, worried about Laurel, and confronted her about the lie Laurel told his officers.

When answered she needed to talk to him, Lance asked her to go home and let the police handle it. Despite seemingly agreeing, Laurel contacted Cisco to meet her at Verdant so she could tell Team Arrow about what she learned from Kelso.

When Laurel tried to go after Komodo, Oliver argued she would be killed if she went and told her he would catch Komodo this time. Unwilling to stay behind, Laurel took a gun and went after Komodo anyway.

She caught up to them just as the Arrow subdued Komodo. Seeing her with the gun, the Arrow tried to talk her out of revenge. Komodo denied having killed Sara, but was unable to convince Laurel as she pulled the trigger only to discover the Arrow had taken the bullets out of the gun.

He told her it would take time to capture Sara's killer because the trail had run cold and urged Laurel to talk to her father about it.

Following Oliver's advice, Laurel went to the precinct to talk to her father, but she was unable to tell her father when Lance's medication reminder's alarm went off.

She sidestepped by apologizing for lying to her father the day before. Back at home, Laurel sat by herself with Sara's black leather jacket.

When he was told that witnesses had placed Bronson at the scene the previous night, Grant claimed Bronson was with him at the time, causing Laurel to angrily accuse Grant of perjury.

Despite admitting to nothing, Grant answered that some people in Starling City were dealt bad hands and that he was willing to lie to keep a good kid who made a mistake.

Seeing Laurel's rage, Grant invited her to train in his gym in order to work off her rage. After the meeting, Laurel told her father Erica was giving a similar share every month and that it had been getting worse.

When asked if he knew the boyfriend had eight assault charges against him, Quentin answered that he knew but the police acting on the confessions would defeat the purpose of the anonymity of AA.

Deciding to take justice into her own hands, Laurel followed Erica's boyfriend and assaulted him with a baseball bat while wearing a ski mask and her sister's jacket.

Laurel managed to get a few hits at first, but was soon overwhelmed and beaten severely. She was taken to the hospital where she was visited by his worried father who pleaded her to promise never to do something like that again.

Laurel promised and told him she had made a mistake. Breaking her promise, she went to Verdant to speak with Oliver Queen.

Seeing Laurel's injuries, Oliver asked her what had happened. Laurel told him and asked him to train her so she could get justice outside of a courtroom.

Oliver flatly refused, saying Sara would never forgive him for it. Having been denied by Oliver, she went back to Sobel instead who accepted training her.

After praying in Arabic, Nyssa offered Laurel her condolences as well as her father's, causing Laurel to retort angrily she did not want their condolences.

As Nyssa was leaving, Laurel stopped her by saying Sara would not have been killed with arrows in the chest if she had not met Nyssa.

Nyssa answered she had found Sara alone and starving, and that she loved and protected her. Seeing Sara's jacket on Laurel, Nyssa told her she had given it to Sara and Laurel was not fit to wear it before leaving the cemetery.

Next morning, Laurel was contacted by Oliver Queen and told before her death, Sara had asked her father for information about something named "Jansen.

Seeing Nyssa walk into the precinct, Laurel went to confront her. Bei einem Treffen zwischen Oliver, Laurel, Detective Lance und Staatsanwältin Kate Spencer , schlug letztere einen Deal vor, nach der sich Oliver als unter PTBS leidend in eine Anstalt einweisen lassen soll, die Anklage würde dann fallen gelassen.

Oliver lehnte dies jedoch ab und schlug vor sich einem Lügendetektortest zu unterziehen um Detective Lance von seiner Unschuld zu überzeugen.

Während dem Test offenbarte Oliver, dass er auf der Insel , entgegen früherer Aussagen, nicht allein war und dort gefoltert wurde, was Laurel sichtlich entsetzte.

Auf die Frage ob Oliver jemand getötet hätte, nahm er die Schuld für Saras Tod auf sich. Trotz des Test war ihr Vater weiterhin davon überzeugt, dass Oliver schuldig ist und hielt daran fest Oliver anzuklagen.

Am Abend desselben Tagen besuchte Laurel Oliver, der aufgrund seines Hausarrests eine Party feierte, und entschuldigte sich für das Verhalten ihres Vaters.

Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Dieses Wiki. Dieses Wiki Alle Wikis. The event was broken up by the cops when a drug dealer was found dead.

After Quentin arrived at the scene, he lashed out at Thea and Tommy, also berating Laurel for continuing to associate with Oliver's crowd, much to her anger.

The next day, after some thinking, Laurel turned down Weathersby Posner's offer and instead accepted a job at City Necessary Resources Initiative CNRI , a legal aid office in the Glades.

Tommy approached Laurel as she was leaving CNRI that evening to check up on her. He invited Laurel to get dinner and drinks, which she accepted.

Soon after, Laurel and Tommy began a casual affair. Laurel graduated from law school and began working at CNRI alongside Joanna. She eventually ended her affair with Tommy, but he remained in love with her.

At CNRI, Laurel embarked on a mission to take down the corruption in Starling City through the legal system. She saw a news report that Oliver had survived the sinking of the Queen's Gambit , much to her shock, but Sara did not, prompting Laurel to angrily turn off the TV.

The next day, Oliver stopped by CNRI to apologize to her, but Laurel refused to accept his apology and blamed Oliver for Sara's death, declaring he should've perished in the accident instead.

Later though, Laurel attended Oliver's welcome back party to apologize for being too harsh with him. Comforted that her sister didn't suffer, Laurel assured Oliver that she is here for him if he needs to talk about what happened on the island.

However, Oliver lied that the island did not change him and advised Laurel to stay away from him, otherwise he will just end up hurting her again.

Upset, Laurel claimed that the island did change Oliver as he is more honest now before walking out. The next night, Laurel and Joanna were elated upon learning that all the money Hunt stole was somehow returned to its rightful owners.

Laurel then met with Tommy to discuss that she and Oliver are over. Tommy wondered if there was a chance for them but Laurel, slightly conflicted and amused, believed that he is not the kind to be in a serious relationship with.

Laurel and Joanna represented Emily Nocenti against Martin Somers , who murdered Emily's father , an honest man. They ran into Oliver again at the courthouse where his death in absentia was being revoked, leading to another bitter moment between him and Laurel.

The next day, Quentin placed Laurel under police protection due to her prosecution of Somers, which she begrudgingly agreed to. That night, as Laurel was working at her apartment , she was visited by Oliver, who apologized for pushing her away again and brought ice cream for the two to eat together.

The two began to reconnect as Laurel gave Oliver advice in getting his family to reconcile his new self with the one they wanted him to be.

Suddenly, Laurel's apartment was attacked by the Chinese Triad at Somers' behest, despite the police protection. Oliver protected Laurel while his bodyguard, John Diggle , fended them off.

Afterwards, Quentin tried to get her to drop the case, but Laurel refused to abandon Emily, citing that she is doing the same job as her father - using the law to help the city.

After the Hood helped arrest Somers, Laurel and her father made up. Laurel began to consider the vigilante a hero for what he did, though Quentin vehemently believed otherwise.

Laurel was taken by Joanna to Max Fuller 's club, Poison , to loosen up. Laurel intervened and quickly took down Max, coercing him to let them go.

Thea revealed to Oliver that Laurel and Tommy had a physical relationship while he was on the island, which he tried to talk to Laurel about it.

Laurel however coldly brushed Oliver off, stating that she and Tommy didn't need his forgiveness or his blessing, and left Poison. Later at the courthouse, Laurel and Tommy talked about what happened.

Laurel realized Oliver somehow already knew about her and Tommy's affair since he didn't react when Thea told him.

Tommy revealed he wanted to try being a better person, one deserving of a relationship with her. Touched, Laurel subtly agreed to give him a chance and the two went out for dinner.

After the attack on the Unidac Industries auction, Laurel went to check on Oliver at the Queen Mansion , only to find he'd disappeared.

When Oliver arrived home, Laurel scolded him for his continued selfishness, pointing out that his family deserves better. The next night after returning home from work, Laurel realized someone had broken into her apartment so she grabbed her gun and confronted the intruder, only to come face to face with The Hood.

The vigilante asked Laurel to defend Peter Declan , revealing he was wrongfully sentenced to death for murdering his wife, Camille.

After speaking with Peter at Iron Heights Prison , Laurel grew to believe in his innocence and agreed to take up his case.

After obtaining the case files from her father, Laurel learned Camille intended to testify about her employer, Jason Brodeur 's, toxic waste dumping and reported it to The Hood.

He eventually provided Laurel with Camille's file of evidence against Brodeur, but it wasn't enough for her to stay Peter's execution.

She then went to meet with Peter at Iron Heights, where they were suddenly caught in the middle of a prison riot orchestrated by Brodeur's bodyguard , the real murderer of Camille.

Laurel was attacked and nearly strangled by an inmate, but The Hood intervened and started beating the man to death until she stopped him.

Horrified by his violence during the confrontation, Laurel came to agree with her father that The Hood was a remorseless killer.

The next day, she watched as an exonerated Peter reunited with his daughter. After Quentin arrested Oliver under suspicion of being The Hood, Moira Queen asked Laurel on her son's behalf to defend him.

While expressing her sympathies, Laurel was initially against representing a client she had been romantically involved with, but later changed her mind, hoping to get through her father.

Laurel was still cold to Oliver in court, sarcastically affirming his innocence on the basis that he would never want to actively make a difference like The Hood.

After Oliver's hearing, Laurel and Quentin argued about how Oliver is not the vigilante, nor to blame for Sara's death or her mother leaving them afterwards.

During Oliver's polygraph, Oliver revealed his scars were from being tortured and his belief of killing Sara, shocking and saddening Laurel.

During Oliver's prison-themed party in the Queen Mansion, Laurel talked with him in private, revealing how her family fell apart after Sara's death.

Laurel admitted that she hated Oliver for a long time, but was so busy thinking about her family that she did not stop to consider his; she now knows that happened to him on the island was more that he deserved.

With Laurel's encouragement, Oliver reluctantly showed her his scars, leading to an intimate moment between them in which they kissed.

However, Laurel suddenly pulled away and rushed out, distressed. The next day after Oliver was cleared of all charges, Laurel visited him, questioning his polygraph results.

Oliver admitted to Laurel that he did want to be seen as "damaged". Laurel realized that she and Oliver still had feelings for each other, but made it clear that nothing could ever happen between them again.

Laurel was initially suspicious of Tommy's motives, but considering that CNRI needed the money desperately, she went along with it.

After seeing Tommy caring for a drunk Thea at the benefit, Laurel stated she "owes [him] a dance", indicating she may be interested in a relationship.

Laurel agreed to go on a formal first date with Tommy. When Tommy was cut off by his father, Malcolm Merlyn , Laurel assured him that it was not his money which she found attractive.

Laurel went to the Queen family Christmas party with Tommy. When Adam Hunt was killed by a copycat archer , Laurel realized that the Hood was only trying to protect her.

After Joanna's brother, Danny de la Vega , died suspiciously in a fire, Laurel asked her father for help. He refused on the grounds that the death was not suspicious, but she stole his phone to contact The Hood.

She asked for help investigating Danny's death and they worked together, discovering that Danny's murderer was Garfield Lynns a firefighter believed to have been killed in the Nodell Towers fire.

Lynns attacked a fundraiser being held for the fire department and Laurel was briefly trapped inside with Tommy.

After Lynns' death, Joanna took a sabbatical from CNRI. Quentin seemingly let Laurel hold onto The Hood's phone, as she would find better use for it.

However, he was actually planning to use Laurel as bait to capture The Hood. Laurel and Tommy had dinner with Malcolm when the latter reached out to supposedly reconnect.

However, things went downhill when Malcolm revealed his intentions of closing down Tommy's late mother Rebecca 's clinic.

The next day, Laurel comforted Tommy as he reflected on how his father changed after his mother's murder. When Thea got into legal trouble after driving under the influence of Vertigo , Laurel asked her father to get Thea a plea deal by reminding him of the trouble that Sara got into in her youth.

As part of her plea bargain, Thea had to do hours of community service at CNRI as an intern under Laurel's supervision. When he had something to offer, he called her and Laurel left a date with Tommy to meet him on a rooftop.

However, their discussion was interrupted by an SCPD task force, as Quentin tracked Laurel's phone to capture The Hood.

Tommy also became upset with Laurel upon learning of her work with the vigilante. The next night, Laurel was kidnapped from her apartment by Cyrus, who used her as bait to draw out The Hood.

Shortly after, Laurel and Tommy made up. Laurel and Thea had a lunch break from working at CNRI and walked through the Glades.

Suddenly, Thea's purse was snatched by a thief, Roy Harper. Laurel gave chase but he managed to escape. Thea tracked Roy down and Laurel helped by passing on the information to her father so he could arrest Roy.

Laurel held a birthday party for Tommy at her apartment, with Oliver and McKenna Hall in attendance.

She tried to support Tommy when his father unexpectedly showed up and later encouraged him to attend a humanitarian ceremony honoring Malcolm.

Afterwards, as Laurel went to meet Tommy at the hospital when Malcolm was shot, she received a surprise visit from her mother, Dinah , telling her that Sara might still be alive.

Laurel invited her father to breakfast at Big Belly Burger , not telling him that Dinah would also be attending.

She encouraged her father to hear out her mother's theory of Sara surviving the sinking of the Queen's Gambit to, at the very least, convince Dinah that Sara was really dead.

Laurel also attended Verdant 's grand opening with Tommy, where she questioned him on his failure to show up at the breakfast with her parents.

Upon seeing Quentin getting caught up in her mother's investigation, Laurel contacted a friend of hers from law school who worked at the Chinese Embassy to locate the girl in a photo Dinah found, whom the latter believed was Sara.

Laurel realized the girl was actually a resident of Starling City named Jenn , whom she introduced to her parents, proving Sara's death.

Dinah's confession that she left Starling City after Sara's death out of guilt for not stopping her from getting on the Queen's Gambit with Oliver eventually allowed Laurel to reconcile with her mother.

As Dinah returned to Central City , Laurel asked her mother to keep in touch. Meanwhile, Laurel also became frustrated when Tommy began to keep secrets from her.

Laurel was furious when her father tried to prove Tommy and Oliver were selling Vertigo at Verdant. Laurel tried to help a family who were cheated out of their life savings by Edward Rasmus , but the couple was murdered by an assassin.

Laurel took in their orphaned son, Taylor Moore , making herself a target when the assassin went to tie up loose ends. After the assassin tried to kill them at Laurel's apartment, she, Tommy, and Taylor temporarily stayed at the Queen Mansion.

While there, Laurel and Moira briefly reflected on the former's past with Oliver. Later, Oliver comforted Laurel, which Tommy saw and misconstrued, though he did not say anything at the time.

That night, the assassin was killed by Oliver, allowing Laurel and Tommy were safe to go home.

Once Taylor's grandparents had been reached, he was released into their care. Soon after, Tommy left Laurel, lying that he was not ready for a serious relationship.

Laurel met with Oliver at Verdant for coffee, confiding in him about her and Tommy's breakup. Oliver advised her and Tommy to talk to and be honest with each other.

During their conversation, Laurel met Felicity Smoak. At Merlyn Global Group , Laurel confronted Tommy over him leaving her, professing that she still loved him and believed he loved her too, so they overcome whatever their problems were.

However, Tommy instead claimed that Oliver was still in love with her and she should be with him instead. Taken aback, Laurel went to see Oliver and asked him to tell Tommy that he no longer loved her.

Oliver refused, saying that he had too many lies in his life, revealing he did in fact still have feelings for her. A week later, Laurel went to Verdant to see Oliver, wondering if they could still be together and maybe she is ready to admit that she still had feelings for him as well.

However, Oliver claimed that nothing between them had changed. Laurel later visited her father, revealing that Tommy broke up with her because of Oliver.

Laurel acknowledged that Oliver broke her heart multiple times, to which Quentin grudgingly admitted that he has changed since returning from the island.

Oliver later visited Laurel at her apartment, saying that he might finally be ready to be with her since she knows him better than anyone and is more important to him than anyone.

Oliver hoped that he did not wait too long, to which Laurel kissed him, assuring him that he didn't, before they slept together.

Unbeknownst to Laurel, Oliver had previously encouraged Tommy to reconcile with her and the latter had been on his way to do just that when he witnessed the two of them kissing.

The next day, Laurel visited Oliver at the Queen Mansion, worried he was getting scared again because he left while she was asleep.

Oliver assured her that wasn't the case, telling Laurel that she has always seen the best in him and the island brought out the person that she always saw.

Before leaving, he warned her to stay out of the Glades that night. However, when Moira revealed in a press conference of her role in the Undertaking occurring that night, Laurel went to CNRI with Joanna and her coworkers to try and save valuable files for her clients.

As she worked, Laurel's father called her, urging her to get out. When the earthquake started, Laurel tried to leave CNRI but was trapped under a falling beam when the building began to collapse.

Tommy arrived and lifted the beam, allowing Laurel to escape and saving her life. Laurel met with her father and Joanna outside, but Tommy was tragically killed when the building caved in.

Quentin prevented Laurel from trying to get back to Tommy and she cried out his name in despair before breaking down in tears. At Tommy's funeral, Laurel gave his eulogy in Oliver's absence, emphasizing that Tommy was so much more than a billionaire playboy and how much she came to love him.

Oliver visited her after the funeral, believing that he failed Tommy. Laurel insisted he shouldn't blame himself for Tommy's death but Oliver stated she would blame him too if aware of "the truth".

A week later, Oliver and Laurel, seeking comfort in one another, sorted through some old photos of their and Tommy's childhood. Laurel reflected how the three of them were always a great team and suggested she and Oliver could work together to try and save the city, hopeful about the future.

The next day, Laurel found a letter from Oliver in her apartment along with the picture of herself she had given him over five years prior.

In the letter, Oliver assured Laurel that she is a hero who will help the city recover and he would only hold her back from doing so, which is why he's going away for a while.

Oliver told Laurel to never doubt his love for her and that she has always been the best of himself. Laurel was heartbroken and began crying.

Five months after the Undertaking and CNRI's destruction, Laurel became an assistant district attorney. She was present Mayor Altman 's Earthquake Relief Fund with her boss, ADA Adam Donner.

The event was attacked by the Hoods , who killed Altman. One of the members threatened Donner, but Laurel managed to take him down.

Immediately after, one of them pointed a gun at her before she could do anything else. Her father, demoted to officer rank, tried to ask her questions about the attack but his boss intervened.

Oliver arrived and they talked about how she regretted sleeping with him, feeling that she cheated on Tommy.

Later, Laurel met Oliver again at Tommy's grave. They agreed on being friends and she told Oliver how she was going to help the District attorney take down the Hood, still unaware that the Hood and Oliver were one-and-the same.

Laurel made plans to catch and arrest the Arrow, determined to bring him to justice. When he went to talk to her, she revealed that she was also angry because it looked like he had the opportunity to save Tommy life, but did not, the Arrow later went to talk to her again, but an SCPD S.

The Canary rescued the Arrow from Laurel and the police. When Quentin angered the serial killer he was hunting down, the Dollmaker , the man targeted Laurel, kidnapping her and attempting to kill her while Quentin watched.

The Arrow arrived just in time to save Laurel's life and the Canary killed the Dollmaker. Laurel realized her misplaced guilt over Tommy's death was aimed at the wrong individual and that she really blamed herself.

Laurel was having a hard time from recent events, and began drinking heavily and taking anti-depressants, almost getting arrested for a DUI.

Both Oliver and Quentin attempted to get through to her but failed, the Canary, revealed to be Laurel's younger sister Sara, was seen watching over Laurel.

Laurel was put on Moira's prosecution and was able to convince the DA to offer Moira a plea bargain - life in prison as opposed to the death penalty in case she was declared guilty.

Oliver took Laurel out for dinner in order to protect her from some assassins pursuing her sister, Sara, after arriving home, Laurel suddenly tried to kiss Oliver, who gently refused and made it clear that he just wanted to be there for her as a friend, not reignite their romance.

Laurel tearfully wondered why everyone in her life whom she loved seemed to end up running away from her. Laurel then noticed that her apartment door was open and when Oliver investigated, he found a knife, which he hid from her.

After Oliver left, Laurel took some anti-depressants. Laurel was appointed lead prosecutor in the Moira's case to replace ADA Donner, who had been poisoned with Vertigo, While reviewing the case notes, she discovered Donner's "trump card" that Moira had an affair with Malcolm disturbed by what she found, Laurel tried to convince Moira to protect her family by not taking the witness stand, warning that she was obligated to prosecute the case to the best of her ability and would be forced to present Donner's evidence in court if Moira testified.

However, Moira still decided to testify and Laurel had to reveal the affair, making a strong case for a guilty verdict.

When she encountered Oliver immediately after mercilessly cross-examining Moira, Laurel tried to avoid him, distraught and guilt-ridden over her actions in court.

Thea and Sin Simone sought Laurel's help regarding Max Stanton 's disappearance and death. Laurel war mit Oliver zusammen, bevor der sie mit ihrer Schwester betrog und für 5 Jahre verschollen war.

Sie begann vor Staffel Eins, das Studium zur Anwältin. Wenn sie nachts als Black Canary unterwegs ist, trägt sie eine hellblonde Perücke und eine schwarze Maske, die vorher ihrer Schwester gehört hat.

Im normalen Leben ist sie eine brünette hübsche, junge Frau. Sie ist eine intelligente,ehrgeizige, furchtlose, junge Frau, die als Anwältin arbeitet.

Als ihre Schwester Sara starb, übernahm sie ihre Rolle im Arrow-Team. He struck Laurel with a deadly blow with Oliver's arrow no less and told her to give Captain Lance a message for him: "I'm a man of my word.

But even with this sound logic behind the cause of her death, it's still shocking that she was the one to go, considering what a prominent character The Black Canary is within the DC Comics universe.

I mean, Arrow has made some pretty bold moves in the past, but this just seems to be really extreme, especially since Laurel's only just hit her vigilante stride.

She didn't don The Black Canary mask until Season 3, so killing off in Season 4 feels slightly unfair. Not to mention that she's grown so much as a person thanks to her nighttime hobby of crime-fighting.


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