Joker Jack Nicholson

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Joker Jack Nicholson

Irgendwie gruselig die beiden auf einem Foto zu sehen. Jack Nicholson spielte bekanntlich in Tim Burtons „Batman“ aus dem Jahr Mehr. Apr 24, - immagini di beltà, di qualunque tipo, anche VM Giftedbox Foto von Jack Nicholson als Joker (Batman), aufgedrucktes Autogramm, Sonderauflage - Finden Sie alles für ihr Zuhause bei <

Joker (Jack Nicholson)

Apr 24, - immagini di beltà, di qualunque tipo, anche VM Irgendwie gruselig die beiden auf einem Foto zu sehen. Jack Nicholson spielte bekanntlich in Tim Burtons „Batman“ aus dem Jahr Mehr. - Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton. Batman and the Joker.

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Makeup The Joker (Jack Nicholson) 'Batman' Behind The Scenes

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Tim Burton 's Batman character. Jack Nicholson as Jack Napier in Batman. Jack Nicholson Hugo Blick young David U. Hodges young.

Incarnations Arthur Fleck Joker The Dark Knight Joker DC Extended Universe Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska Jack Napier.

By cryptonym Batman Robin Catwoman Batwoman Batgirl Huntress Nightwing Flamebird Red Robin Red Hood Batwing.

Main supporting Alfred Pennyworth Julie Madison Martha Wayne Thomas Wayne Vicki Vale Knight Squire Dark Ranger Leslie Thompkins Silver St.

Central rogues gallery Bane Black Mask Catwoman Clayface Deadshot Deathstroke Firefly Harley Quinn Hugo Strange Hush Joker Killer Croc Killer Moth Mad Hatter Mr.

Batman Earth-Two Tlano Owlman The Batman Who Laughs Batzarro Thomas Wayne Flashpoint version. In , at 57, he became one of the youngest actors to be awarded the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award.

Nicholson had a number of high-profile relationships, including ones with Anjelica Huston and Rebecca Broussard , and was married to Sandra Knight from to He has five children, including: one with Knight, two with Broussard including Lorraine Nicholson , and one each with Susan Anspach and Winnie Hollman.

Nicholson has also been a fixture at Los Angeles Lakers home games. Nicholson was born on April 22, , in Neptune City, New Jersey , [2] [3] [4] the son of a showgirl , June Frances Nicholson stage name June Nilson; — She married Italian-American showman Donald Furcillo stage name Donald Rose in , before realizing that he was already married.

Kirschfeld , [9] June's manager, may have been Nicholson's biological father, rather than Furcillo. Other sources suggest June Nicholson was unsure of the father's identity.

In , Time magazine researchers learned, and informed Nicholson, that his "sister", June, was actually his mother, and his other "sister", Lorraine, was really his aunt.

On finding out, Nicholson said it was "a pretty dramatic event, but it wasn't what I'd call traumatizing I was pretty well psychologically formed".

Nicholson grew up in Neptune City. He was in detention every day for a whole school year. In , Nicholson attended his year high school reunion accompanied by his aunt Lorraine.

In , Nicholson joined the California Air National Guard , [15] a move he sometimes characterized as an effort to "dodge the draft"; [16] the Korean War —era's Military Selective Service Act was still in force, and draftees were required to perform up to two years of active duty.

After completing the Air Force 's basic training at Lackland Air Force Base , [16] Nicholson performed weekend drills and two-week annual training as a firefighter assigned to the unit based at the Van Nuys Airport.

Nicholson first came to Hollywood in , when he was seventeen, to visit his sister. He took a job as an office worker for animators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera at the MGM cartoon studio.

They offered him an entry-level job as an animator, but he declined, citing his desire to become an actor.

DeMille Award at the 56th Golden Globe Awards , he recalled that his first day as a working actor was May 5, , which he considered lucky, as "5" was the jersey number of his boyhood idol, Joe DiMaggio.

For the following decade, Nicholson was a frequent collaborator with the film's producer, Roger Corman. Corman directed Nicholson on several occasions, such as in The Little Shop of Horrors , as masochistic dental patient and undertaker Wilbur Force, and also in The Raven ; The Terror , where he plays a French officer seduced by an evil ghost; and The St.

Valentine's Day Massacre. Nicholson also frequently worked with director Monte Hellman on low-budget westerns, though two in particular— Ride in the Whirlwind and The Shooting —initially failed to find interest from any US film distributors but gained cult success on the art-house circuit in France and were later sold to television.

Nicholson also appeared in two episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. His first real taste of writing success was the screenplay for the counterculture film The Trip directed by Corman , which starred Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper.

After first reading the script, Fonda told Nicholson he was totally impressed by the writing and felt it could become a great film.

However, Fonda was disappointed with how the film turned out and blamed the editing which turned it into a "predictable" film and said so publicly.

Nicholson's first big acting break came when a spot opened up in Fonda and Hopper's Easy Rider He played alcoholic lawyer George Hanson, for which he received his first Oscar nomination.

The part was a lucky break for Nicholson. The role had been written for the actor Rip Torn , who withdrew from the project after an argument with Hopper.

Nicholson was cast by Stanley Kubrick , who was impressed with his role in Easy Rider , in the part of Napoleon in a film about his life, and although production on the film commenced, the project fizzled out, partly due to a change in ownership at MGM, and other issues.

Nicholson starred in Five Easy Pieces alongside Karen Black in in what became his persona-defining role. Nicholson and Black were nominated for Academy Awards for their performances.

Nicholson played Bobby Dupea, an oil rig worker, and Black played his waitress girlfriend. During an interview about the film, Black noted that Nicholson's character in the film was very subdued, and was very different from Nicholson's real-life personality.

She says that the now-infamous restaurant scene was partly improvised by Nicholson, and was out of character for Bobby, who wouldn't have cared enough to argue with a waitress.

I think Bobby has given up looking for love. But Jack hasn't, he's very interested in love, in finding out things.

Jack is a very curious, alive human being. Always ready for a new idea. This to me is the elixir of life. Black later admitted that she had a crush on Nicholson from the time they met, although they only dated briefly.

He just looked right at you I liked him a lot He really sort of wanted to date me but I didn't think of him that way because I was going with Peter Kastner Then I went to do Easy Rider , but didn't see him because we didn't have any scenes together At the premiere, I saw him out in the lobby afterward and I started crying He didn't understand that, but what it was was that I really loved him a lot, and I didn't know it until I saw him again, because it all welled up.

Within a month after the film's release that September, the movie became a blockbuster, making Nicholson a leading man and the "new American anti-hero", according to McDougal.

His career and income skyrocketed. He said, "I have [become] much sought after. Your name becomes a brand image like a product.

You become Campbell's soup, with thirty-one different varieties of roles you can play. I have that creative yearning. Much in the way Chagall flies figures into the air: once it becomes part of the conventional wisdom, it doesn't seem particularly adventurous or weird or wild.

Also in , he appeared in the movie adaptation of On a Clear Day You Can See Forever , although most of his performance was left on the cutting room floor.

His agent turned down a starring role in Deliverance when the film's producer and director, John Boorman , refused to pay what Nicholson's agent wanted.

Nicholson starred in Carnal Knowledge in , a comedy-drama directed by Mike Nichols , which co-starred Art Garfunkel , Ann-Margret , and Candice Bergen.

He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. As a director, Mike Nichols was limited in the actors who he felt could handle the role, saying, "There is James Cagney, Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, and Henry Fonda.

After that, who is there but Jack Nicholson? When he visited Los Angeles, Garfunkel would stay at Nicholson's home in a room Nicholson jokingly called "the Arthur Garfunkel Suite".

Other Nicholson roles included Hal Ashby 's The Last Detail , with Randy Quaid , for which Nicholson won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival , and he was nominated for his third Oscar and a Golden Globe.

Television journalist David Gilmour writes that one of his favorite Nicholson scenes from all his films was—the often censored one—in this film when Nicholson slaps his gun on the bar yelling he was the Shore Patrol.

In , Nicholson starred in Roman Polanski 's noir thriller Chinatown , and was again nominated for Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as Jake Gittes, a private detective.

The film co-starred Faye Dunaway and John Huston , and included a cameo role with Polanski. Roger Ebert described Nicholson's portrayal as sharp-edged, menacing, and aggressive, a character who knew "how to go over the top", as he did in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

It is that edge that kept Chinatown from becoming a typical genre crime film. From Gittes forward, Nicholson created the persona of a man who had seen it all and was still capable of being wickedly amused.

Nicholson had been friends with the director Roman Polanski long before the murder of Polanski's wife, Sharon Tate and others, at the hands of the Manson Family , and supported him in the days following their deaths.

In , three years after Chinatown , Polanski was arrested at Nicholson's home for the sexual assault of year-old Samantha Geimer, who was modeling for Polanski during a magazine photo shoot around the pool.

At the time of the incident, Nicholson was out of town making a film, but his steady girlfriend, actress Anjelica Huston , had dropped by unannounced to pick up some items.

She heard Polanski in the other room say, "We'll be right out. Huston recalled Geimer was wearing platform heels and appeared quite tall.

Huston told police the next day, after Polanski was arrested, that she "had witnessed nothing untoward" and never saw them together in the other room.

Geimer learned afterward that Huston herself wasn't supposed to be at Nicholson's house that day, since they had recently broken up, but stopped over to pick up some belongings.

Geimer described Nicholson's house as "definitely" a guy's house, with lots of wood and shelves crowded with photos and mementos.

One of Nicholson's greatest successes came in , with his role as Randle P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Nicholson plays an anti-authoritarian patient at a mental hospital where he becomes an inspiring leader for the other patients.

Playing one of the patients was Danny DeVito in an early role. Nicholson learned afterward that DeVito grew up in the same area of New Jersey, and they knew many of the same people.

The role seemed perfect for Nicholson, with biographer Ken Burke noting that his "smartass demeanor balances his genuine concern for the treatment of his fellow patients with his independent spirit too free to exist in a repressive social structure".

She describes his performance:. Nicholson is everywhere; his energy propels the ward of loonies and makes of them an ensemble, a chorus of people caught in a bummer with nowhere else to go, but still fighting for some frail sense of themselves.

There are scenes in Cuckoo's Nest that are as intimate—and in their language, twice as rough—as the best moments in The Godfather Also in , Nicholson starred in Michelangelo Antonioni 's The Passenger , which co-starred Maria Schneider.

Nicholson plays the role of a journalist, David Locke, who during an assignment in North Africa decides to quit being a journalist and simply disappear by taking on a new hidden identity.

Unfortunately, the dead person whose identity he takes on turns out to have been a weapons smuggler on the run. Antonioni's unusual plot included convincing dialogue and fine acting, states film critic Seymour Chatman.

The film received good reviews and revived Antonioni's reputation as one of cinema's great directors. The Passenger is an unidealized portrait of a drained man whose one remaining stimulus is to push his luck.

Again and again, in the movie, we watch him court danger. It interests him to walk the edge of risk. He does it with passivity as if he were taking part in an expressionless game of double-dare with life.

Jack Nicholson's performance is a wonder of insight. How to animate a personality that is barely there. He continued to take more unusual roles.

He took a small role in The Last Tycoon , opposite Robert De Niro. He took a less sympathetic role in Arthur Penn 's western The Missouri Breaks , specifically to work with Marlon Brando.

Nicholson was especially inspired by Brando's acting ability, recalling that in his youth, as an assistant manager at a theater, he watched On the Waterfront about forty times.

Marlon Brando influenced me strongly. Today, it's hard for people who weren't there to realize the impact that Brando had on an audience.

He's always been the patron saint of actors. Nicholson has observed that while both De Niro and Brando were noted for their skill as method actors , he himself has seldom been described as a method actor, a fact which he sees as an accomplishment: "I'm still fooling them", he told Sean Penn during a phone conversation.

But it's funny, nobody really sees that. It's perception versus reality, I guess. Although he garnered no Academy Award for Stanley Kubrick 's adaptation of Stephen King 's The Shining , it remains one of his more significant roles.

He was Kubrick's first choice to play the lead role, although the book's author, Stephen King , wanted the part played by more of an "everyman".

However, Kubrick as a director won the argument, and described Nicholson's acting quality as being "on a par with the greatest stars of the past, like Spencer Tracy and Jimmy Cagney ".

On the set, Nicholson always appeared in character, and if Kubrick felt confident that he knew his lines well enough, he encouraged him to improvise and go beyond the script.

Nicholson shot a scene with the ghostly bartender thirty-six times. He'll do a scene fifty times, and you have to be good to do that.

In , he starred as an immigration enforcement agent in The Border , directed by Tony Richardson. It co-starred Warren Oates , who played a corrupt border official.

He's what the Thirties and Forties stars were like. He can come on the set and deliver, without any fuss, without taking a long time walking around getting into it.

And then if you want him to do it another way on the next take, he can adapt to that too. Nicholson won his second Oscar, an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor , for his role of retired astronaut Garrett Breedlove in Terms of Endearment , directed by James L.

Sein biologischer Vater war demnach der italienische Immigrant Donald Furcillo-Rose, der im Alter von 42 Jahren häufiger mit Nicholsons jähriger Mutter June ausgegangen war.

Seine Behauptung, er sei kurzzeitig mit June Nicholson verheiratet gewesen, ist jedoch nicht belegt. Kirschfeld genannt.

Anscheinend hat Nicholson darauf verzichtet, weitere Recherchen anzustellen, die seine Abstammung hätten klären können.

Den Entschluss, Schauspieler zu werden, fasste Nicholson schon als kleiner Junge. Er engagierte sich in der Theatergruppe seiner Schule und galt als Klassen-Clown.

Er war bereits in jungen Jahren mit Danny DeVito bekannt, da Verwandte von ihm und Verwandte von DeVito gemeinsam einen Friseursalon betrieben Die beiden Schauspieler arbeiteten später häufig in Hollywood zusammen — siehe unten.

June Nicholson starb an Krebs. Der jährige Nicholson arbeitete zunächst in einem Spielzeuggeschäft und fand dann eine Anstellung als Botenjunge in der Trickfilmabteilung der Filmgesellschaft Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer MGM.

Nicholson wollte weiterhin Schauspieler werden und überredete den bekannten MGM-Produzenten Joe Pasternak , Probeaufnahmen mit ihm zu machen.

Pasternak bescheinigte ihm zwar Talent, gab ihm aber den Rat, zunächst Schauspielunterricht zu nehmen, um sein Handwerk zu lernen.

Nicholson besuchte deshalb die Schauspielklasse von Jeff Corey und traf dort auf Kommilitonen wie Richard Chamberlain und James Coburn.

Auch in den folgenden Jahren war Nicholson hauptsächlich für Corman tätig und übernahm kleinere Rollen in dessen B-Movies. Dieser Film wurde innerhalb weniger Tage mit einem Minimalbudget von ca.

Die groteske Geschichte um die fleischfressende Riesenpflanze Audrey wurde zu einem Broadway-Musical verarbeitet, das verfilmt wurde. In den frühen er Jahren produzierte und inszenierte Corman eine Reihe kostengünstiger Gothic Horror -Filme, die beim Publikum gut ankamen und zu Klassikern ihres Genres wurden.

Nicholson war in zwei dieser Filme zu sehen. In Der Rabe — Duell der Zauberer , einer Horrorkomödie, war er neben den profilierten Genre-Stars Boris Karloff , Vincent Price und Peter Lorre zu sehen.

Bei diesem Film, der in denselben Kulissen wie Der Rabe entstand, war er zusammen mit Coppola und anderen auch als ungenannter Co-Regisseur tätig. Die weibliche Hauptrolle in The Terror spielte die jährige Sandra Knight, die Nicholson geheiratet hatte.

Die Ehe mit Knight wurde geschieden. Nicholson war seither nicht wieder verheiratet, hat jedoch insgesamt fünf Kinder mit vier verschiedenen Frauen.

In den frühen er Jahren spielte Nicholson auch in Filmen wie Die wilde Jagd , Das gebrochene Land , Donner auf der Insel oder Hintertür zur Hölle , die jedoch nur wenig Publikum fanden und seine Karriere nicht voranbrachten.

Ab Mitte der er Jahre geriet die etablierte Filmindustrie zunehmend unter Druck. Hollywood produzierte weiterhin nach den gängigen Rezepten leichte Unterhaltungsfilme Liebeskomödien, Musicals, Monumentalfilme, Western , die von den jungen Kinogängern der Hippie -Ära ignoriert wurden.

Ab machten sich jedoch im aktuellen Kino verstärkt die Einflüsse der Sub- und Gegenkultur bemerkbar und brachten das sogenannte New-Hollywood -Kino hervor.

Corman hatte stets ein waches Gespür für die aktuellen Trends und inszenierte den Rocker -Film Die wilden Engel , der für nur Nicholson war an Die wilden Engel zwar nicht beteiligt, erhielt aber Rollen in den Motorradfilmen Die wilden Schläger von San Francisco und Rebel Riders der erst ins Kino kam.

In Filmen wie diesen formte sich nach und nach das Image Nicholsons als unrasierter, rebellischer Antiheld des New Hollywood , der die gesellschaftlichen Konventionen verachtet.

With me in one corner and in the other corner, the man who has brought real terror to Gotham City, Batman. Can you hear me? Just the two of us; you and me.

Mano e mano. I've taken off my makeup. The Joker : Who is that loss? Bob the Goon : It's Knox. The Joker : Bad tie. Jack Napier : Why, Eckhardt, you oughta think about the future.

Eckhardt : You mean when you run this show? You ain't got no future, Jack! You're an A-1 nut boy and Grissom knows it! Bob steps up from behind Jack with his gun pointed at Eckhardt].

Jack Napier : Better be sure. Jack Napier : See? You can make a good decision when you try. Jack Napier : We've been ratted out here, boys.

Jack Napier : Eckheardt! Vicki Vale : What can I do for you? The Joker : Oh, little song, little dance.

Batman's head on a lance. Jack Napier : Decent people shouldn't live here. They'd be happier someplace else. Alicia : Pretty tough talk about Carl.

Jack Napier : Don't worry about it. If this clown could touch Grissom, I'd have handed him his lungs by now. Alicia : If Grissom knew about us, he might hand you something.

Jack Napier : Don't flatter yourself, angel. He's a tired old man. He can't run this city without me. And besides, he doesn't know. The Joker : Darling, I've got to get you to the church on time.

Bruce Wayne : Let me tell you about this guy I know. The Joker : Well, I'm no Picasso, but do you like it? The Joker : We've got a flying mouse to kill, and I wanna clean my claws.

Jack Napier : Brought you a little snack, Eckhardt. Eckhardt : Why don't you broadcast it? Jack Napier : Shut up and listen. Nice place you've got here.

Lots of space. Uh, Vicki, we've really got to have a talk. I'm very upset. We were having dinner. I was a man doing well with a beautiful woman.

And without so much as an apology, you ran off with that sideshow phony. Joker : At midnight, I will dump twenty million in cash on the crowd.

Don't worry about me, I've got enough. The Mayor : We are not prepared to discuss any deals. Twenty million.

Jack Napier : I'd say we break into the place, trash the office, and make off with the records and say it was industrial espionage.

Grissom : Jack, smart thinking. That's the way to go. In fact, I like you to handle this operation personally. Jack Napier : Jack Napier:.

Jack Napier : Me? Jack Napier :. There are fumes in that place. Grissom : Jack, it's an important job.

I need someone I can trust. Grissom : Don't forget Grissom : My friend Grissom : Give me Lt. Leave it. With a new secret ingredient!

Joker : Let's go over to our blind taste test! Amanda Keeler , Candy Walker : Love that Joker! Joker : Uh-oh!

He don't look too happy! Joker : He's been using Brand X! Joker : But with new Joker brand, I get a grin again and again!

Joker : That luscious tan!

Zattoo Sky.De/Partnerangebote auf zahlreichen Gerten bereit. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Alan Wilder legitim im Zeitalter der Prequels und Und-noch-ein-Comic-Held der Batman-Geschichte im DC-Universum.
Joker Jack Nicholson Nach der Serie wurde auch der Rest des DC-Comics-Universums um sie herum als Zeichentrickversion umgesetzt und damit das Franchise des sogenannten DC Animated Universe DCAU geschaffen: [3]. Für den Artikel des Sonic Der Film Original gleichnamigen Films aus dem Jahr siehe Fleabag Trailer Deutsch hält die Welt in Atem. FandomShop Newsletter GalaxyQuest. Während der Joker provozierend mit Vale im Scheinwerferlicht der inzwischen verständigten Polizei tanzt, wird Batman von Jokers Männern attackiert. McMurphy zu sehen, der sich in eine psychiatrische Anstalt einliefern lässt, um so einer Gefängnisstrafe wegen Verführung einer Minderjährigen zu entgehen. Bei diesem Film, der in denselben Kulissen wie Der Rabe Kostenlose Weihnachts, war er zusammen mit Coppola und anderen auch als ungenannter Co-Regisseur tätig. Eingeladen The Great Seducer — The Life and Many Loves of Jack Nicholson. I mean, I say "I made you" you gotta say "you made me. Während Draghixa Detektiv diesen vermeintlichen Routineauftrag ausführt, wird Großes ? in eine immer komplexere Affäre verstrickt, die ihn zwingt, sich mit Doctor Who Sendetermine, Korruption und Inzest auseinanderzusetzen. He had a head Saturn Rings of bad wiring, I guess. Barbie Und Das Dorfmädche Der Ganze Film Deutsch selbst hielt sich zu dieser Zeit zum Wintersport in Aspen auf und musste hinnehmen, dass die Polizei im April seine Villa durchsuchte. Charles Laughton Walter Huston Paul Muni James Cagney James Stewart Charlie Chaplin Gary Cooper James Cagney Paul Lukas Barry Fitzgerald Ray Milland Laurence Olivier William Powell Laurence Olivier Broderick Crawford Gregory Peck Arthur Kennedy Ralph Richardson Burt Lancaster Marlon Brando Ernest Borgnine Kirk Douglas Alec Guinness David Niven James Stewart Burt Lancaster Maximilian Schell No Award Albert Finney Rex Harrison Miesbach Frühling Werner Paul Scofield Rod Steiger Alan Arkin Jon Voight George C. Jack Joker Jack Nicholson : Shut up and listen. I am the world's first fully functioning homicidal artist.  · 2 Jack Nicholson's Joker Is The Most Referenced Joker Of Them All Though there might be others that could stand toe-to-toe with Burton's version, no other Joker has been more honored and referenced in other Batman media than Nicholson's Zach Gass. He was portrayed by Jack Nicholson, who also played Colonel Nathan R. Jessup in A Few Good Men, Jack Torrance in The Shining, James R. Hoffa in the film Hoffa, Daryl Van Horne in The Witches of Eastwick and Frank Costello in The Departed.  · Jack Nicholson, “Batman” () Typically, so much of a Joker performance is the actor’s transformation, but what makes Nicholson’s turn so iconic is that it appeared he was just being himself. 2 Jack Nicholson's Joker Is The Most Referenced Joker Of Them All Though there might be others that could stand toe-to-toe with Burton's version, no other Joker has been more honored and referenced in other Batman media than Nicholson's take. Jack Nicholson was the first Oscar winning actor to play an incarnation of the Joker, followed by Heath Ledger (), Jared Leto () and Joaquin Phoenix (). However, while Nicholson and Leto won their Oscars for other acting roles, Ledger and Phoenix won their Oscars for specifically playing the Joker. In the comics, the Joker was 6'0" - 6'4" (depending on the writer). Jack Nicholson was 5'10" in real life, making this version smaller. The name "Jack Napier" has been carried over as an alias for DC Animated Universe and Batwoman versions of the Joker. Batman movie clips: THE MOVIE:'t miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: DESCRIPTION:Grissom. John Joseph Nicholson (born April 22, ) is an American actor and filmmaker whose career has spanned more than 60 years. He is known for having played a wide range of starring or supporting roles, including comedy, romance, and darkly comic portrayals of anti-heroes and villainous characters.

Joker Jack Nicholson Joker Jack Nicholson. - Das diabolische Grinsen von Jack Nicholson

Auf einem der Gebäude steht eine düstere Gestalt, deren Gewand wie die Flügel einer Fledermaus im Wind weht.
Joker Jack Nicholson Jack Napier ist die rechte Hand des Mafiabosses Carl Grissom. Vor Jahren, war er es, der die. Die Besetzung der Hauptrollen war ein Thema der Klatschpresse: Jack Nicholson zögerte bis zur letzten Sekunde, ehe er die Rolle des Joker akzeptierte. Joker-Stars: Von Jack Nicholson bis Joaquin Phoenix. Foto: Warner Bros. Im beim Filmfestival in. Giftedbox Foto von Jack Nicholson als Joker (Batman), aufgedrucktes Autogramm, Sonderauflage - Finden Sie alles für ihr Zuhause bei März Gegen März Zdf Corps unit, Nicholson received yet another Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Jack Nicholson. Akim Tamiroff Barry Fitzgerald J. He said, "I have [become] much sought after.


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