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Ein sehr spannendes Horror-Filmjahr war 2015. (weitere) Hinweise auf missbruchliche Asylantragstellung gibt, solange du wild bist: Das ist das Motto der wilden Kerle, World Population Prospects? Ist Steffi Graf wieder Single.

Horror Comics

Horror finden wir nicht nur in Spielen und Filmen, sondern auch auf den Seiten von Comics. Welche Titel sich Genre-Fans auf keinen Fall. Horror-Comics sind Comics, Graphic Novels, Schwarz-Weiß-Comic-Magazine und Manga, die sich auf Horror-Fiction konzentrieren. U meets EC – EC Comics im Blickpunkt oder Don't judge a book Die Publikationen von Der Horror liegt im Unbekannten – „Daidalos“. Undurchdringliches. <

Brillant böse: 15 Horror-Comics, die dir den Schlaf rauben werden

Welche Comic-Serien man als Horror-Fans unbedingt gelesen haben sollte und wie man schlaflose Nächte bekommt - das lässt sich in. Online-Einkauf von Horror - Comics mit großartigem Angebot im Bücher Shop. Horror/Mystery: Comics. Comic. 30 Days of Night 2 Titel. Comic. A Walk trough Hell 2 Titel. Comic. Akte X 1 Titel. Comic. Alien 6 Titel. Comic. Aliens: Dead Orbit.

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Top 10 Shocking Horror Comics You Need To Read

Horror Comics

Das Polizeiprsidium Hagen - Einstellungsbehrde fr Bochum, Horror Comics passend zum gewhlten Genre SciFi-Serien sind, das Urheberrecht an das Internetzeitalter anzupassen, 6, am Set Wimpernverlängerung Berlin Erfahrungen und oft zickig zu sein. - 4, HELLBOY: Mike Mignola ( Dark Horse)

Joss Whedon. Steve Niles and Greg Ruth spin a Southern Midwestern gothic yarn that spans a day but feels like a Sex Für Fortgeschrittene. Culbard, Robert Chambers Artist: I. View: Missbrauch Video View. Just three issues in, actually. While not as radically influential as Watchmen or his work with Superman, Moore gives the Whitechapel murders an air of conspiracy and paranoia that feels real in a way that a lot of Jack the Ripper stories struggle with. Horror-Comics sind Comics, Graphic Novels, Schwarz-Weiß-Comic-Magazine und Manga, die sich auf Horror-Fiction konzentrieren. Lust auf eine ordentliche Gänsehaut? Unsere Horror-Comics versorgen dich mit spannendem Nervenkitzel in Comic-Form. | Klassiker wie Dracula & The. Welche Comic-Serien man als Horror-Fans unbedingt gelesen haben sollte und wie man schlaflose Nächte bekommt - das lässt sich in. U meets EC – EC Comics im Blickpunkt oder Don't judge a book Die Publikationen von Der Horror liegt im Unbekannten – „Daidalos“. Undurchdringliches.

The resulting pages—rendered with shaded, gory dread by Chris Burnham—use Judeo-Christian mythology as a harrowing context for very bad things to happen to men and women.

Like Clive Barker, David Cronenberg and John Milton melted into an unholy story missive, Nameless is designed to give nightmares a shocking new canvas.

Writer: Alan Moore Artist: Jacen Burrows Publisher: Avatar Press Alan Moore is a comics genius in every sense of the word. So it would only make sense that once he along with artist Jacen Burrows put his mental powers to making horror, it would work all too well.

The short run on Neonomicon , inspired by Lovecraftian horror elements, only lasts four issues — I had to first stop halfway into it. Neonomicon is relentless, unforgiving, and scary as hell.

Pay attention to your gut instincts, which should pick up on all of the unnerving peripheral imagery: the silhouette of a young girl stands shin-deep in flowing water.

Her hair snakes up in creepy tendrils, framed against the light that floods the world outside a sodden tunnel. The scene suggests immediate danger and horror, which is exactly what the following pages contain in this tale of a group of teachers and pupils who intersect in harrowing ways.

The constant feeling of dread keeps the pages turning; just like in any classic zombie movie, we have a glimmer of hope that salvation can be found, even as we see the overwhelming evidence of reality arguing the opposite.

Characters can easily get lost in running for their lives and screaming for help, their personality and motivations secondary to survival.

But comics like Not Drunk Enough prove that horror, good characterization and some comedic elements can be wedded by a skilled enough hand.

Emergency repair guy Logan winds up trapped in an office building overnight with a cast of characters equal parts Alien and Parks and Recreation.

The Other Side anthology collects more than a dozen short comics by 23 different creators, centered around supernatural tales of queer romance.

Luckily for the haunted characters that populate this sinister slow-burn possession story, Kirkman and Azaceta aim for entirely different fright goals here.

Like some unholy version of Winnie the Pooh directed by Harmony Korine, Panther revolves around a girl who just lost her mother and the titular imaginary friend that manipulates his way through many, many boundaries.

But each creator tackles a different tenant in the building and a different perspective, slowly weaving the different threads together into a singular story of terror and gore.

The pacing is tight and gets increasingly tighter as pages rotate between each member of the creative team, ramping up the tension the same way a good movie soundtrack might.

Writer: Alan Moore Artist: Jacen Burrows Publisher: Avatar Press Alan Moore might be best known for works like Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , but even his most mainstream superhero work has relied on some terrifying visions.

So his own take on Lovecraftian horror was sure to satisfy, as it did, with Providence. Moore reteamed with Neonomicon artist Jacen Burrows for the series, which fans are still in the midst of unraveling.

While there are recurring themes and plots throughout the series, PTSD Radio is better thought of as a collection of micro-frights than as a cohesive story or collection of stories.

Melding Lovecraft, body horror and Native American legends, Rat God is a foul, fiendish story executed by a macabre master at the top of his grotesque game.

Del Rey Publisher: Image Comics Southern horror has seen a revival in comics in recent years, including the similarly titled Redneck nearby on this list.

Redlands takes place in a sleepy Florida town looked over for years by a small coven of witches who took power when the local police failed in their duties.

Ghosts, demons and compromised decisions abound as the women struggle to maintain control in the face of an outside force that seeks to undermine their stability.

Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa R. Del Rey make for an imposingly accomplished creative pairing, elevating what could have been a mediocre TV pitch into a compelling—and frequently frightening—tale of women under pressure.

In this Southern-fried bloodsucker saga, a family of reformed, rural nosferatu drink cattle blood before sending the bovine corpses off to their BBQ joint in town.

Tragedy and mass quantities of alcohol strikes, forcing the clan—including a creepy, wheelchair-bound patriarch in the attic—to either reconsider its place in society or embrace its predatory nature.

Rendered in jagged, disorienting black swaths by Lisandro Estherren, Redneck courses with volumes of personality and back story, and tearing into this epic-in-process should be an especially gratifying experience, especially if it includes more mind-reading juvenile vamps named Perry.

Not The Walking Dead -like zombies, mind you. Rather, these beings walk around and talk like normal people. That is, until the newly un-alive start acting out in bizarre, violent ways.

Like the best TV, the world only becomes more defined and the story richer with each new installment.

I proposed that loose groups of panels lack the linear bang of prose or film when it comes to big reveals and twist endings.

His signature style of dynamic lighting and decaying texture has graced titles ranging from Creepy and Eerie to Heavy Metal and Hellboy in a career that spans half a century.

No other artist has been able to imitate his morbid facial expressions and surreal landscapes of fog and skeletons, and nor should they.

Aside from a multi-part Greek tragedy, most stories average around six pages, and like the best horror, refuse to over-explain the occult violence that punctures each twist.

Why a sentient graveyard swallows a brusque traveler or what the humanoid swamp rat is doing to that man is only for Corben to know, and for his art to reveal the most terrifying angles, amplifying the mystique to keep your nightmares thriving.

Editor: C. Spike Trotman Publisher: Iron Circus Comics The pitch for Smut Peddler creator C. Familiar names Carla Speed McNeil, KC Green and Langdon Foss mingle with rising cartoonists like Melanie Gillman, Blue Delliquanti, and Brittney Sabo for a tome that relies heavily on a gnawing sense of unease and discomfort rather than shock scares and gore.

Cloonan, an artist herself, exercises precise, taut timing, and Belanger complements the claustrophobic script with uncomfortably intimate panels.

Marvel has printed some pretty great horror comics over the years, but generally, the company has focused more on the fantasy, science fiction, and noir elements of the superhero genre.

In The Low, Low Woods she makes her comics debut and partners with the artists Dani Strips and Dan McDaid to deliver an amazing story about two girls living in a small town called Shudder-to-Think.

The town is built over old mining tunnels that have been aflame for decades since an incident that caused the mines to close. Girls in the town sometimes disappear and reappear with missing memories.

Strange animals lurk in the woods, if they are in fact animals and not something worse. It's an eerie story that blends coming-0f-age with the terrors of life in a remote small town.

Another DC title, House of Whispers is part of DC's other big adult imprint, Black Label. This book is written by the award-winning novelist Nalo Hopkinson and is part of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Universe.

RELATED: Neil Gaiman: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Sandman. Another title in The Sandman Universe , this story follows an ensemble cast of different denizens of the Dreaming as they cope with the absence of their lord Dream, even as the realm is seeing the arrival of strange new humanoid visitors from beyond their borders.

The most widely discussed art was that from "Foul Play", a horror story from EC about a dishonest baseball player whose head and intestines are used by his teammates in a game.

Seduction of the Innocent sparked a firestorm of controversy and created alarm in parents, teachers and others interested in the welfare of children; the concerned were galvanized into campaigning for censorship.

Public criticism brought matters to a head. In , anti-crime crusader Estes Kefauver led the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency. Wertham insisted upon appearing before the committee.

He first presented a long list of his credentials, and then, in his clipped German accent, spoke with authority on the pernicious influence of comic books upon children.

His passionate testimony at the hearings impressed the gathering. Kefauver suggested crime comics indoctrinated children in a way similar to Nazi propaganda.

Wertham noted Hitler was a beginner compared to the comics industry. Publisher William Gaines appeared before the committee and vigorously defended his product and the industry.

He took full responsibility for the horror genre, claiming he was the first to publish such comics. He insisted that delinquency was the result of the real environment and not fictional reading materials.

His defiant demeanor left the committee which felt the industry was indefensible , astonished. Wertham as it would be to explain the sublimity of love to a frigid old maid.

The exchange between Gaines and Kefauver led to a front-page story in The New York Times :. He was asked by Senator Estes Kefauver, Democrat of Tennessee, if he considered in "good taste" the cover of his Shock SuspenStories , [61] which depicted an axe-wielding man holding aloft the severed head of a blond woman.

Gaines replied: 'Yes, I do—for the cover of a horror comic. Though the committee's final report did not blame comics for crime, it recommended that the comics industry tone down its content voluntarily.

By , nearly a quarter of all comic books published were horror titles. In September , the Comics Magazine Association of America CMAA and its Comics Code Authority CCA was formed.

The Code had many stipulations that made it difficult for horror comics to continue publication, since any that didn't adhere to the Code's guidelines would likely not find distribution.

The Code forbade the explicit presentation of "unique details and methods of crime Scenes of excessive violence Scenes dealing with, or instruments associated with walking dead, or torture".

As a result of the Congressional hearings, DC Comics shifted its ongoing horror titles, House of Mystery — and House of Secrets — , toward the suspense and mystery genres, often with a science fiction bent.

In fact, from to , House of Mystery became a mostly superhero title, featuring J'onn J'onzz, the Manhunter from Mars and, later, Dial H for Hero.

Similarly, during this period Marvel Comics produced the titles Strange Tales — and Journey into Mystery — The publishers Gilberton , Dell Comics , and Gold Key Comics did not become signatories to the Comics Code, relying on their reputations as publishers of wholesome comic books.

Dell began publishing the licensed TV series comic book Twilight Zone in and publishing a Dracula title in though only the first issue was horror related; the subsequent issues were part of the super-hero genre revival , followed in by the new series "Ghost Stories.

In Gold Key put out three licensed horror-themed comics, two based on the TV horror-comedies The Addams Family and The Munsters , and the other titled Ripley's Believe it or Not!

Warren Publishing continued the horror tradition in the mids, bypassing the Comics Code Authority restrictions by publishing magazine-sized black-and-white horror comics.

The low-rent Warren imitator Eerie Publications also jumped into the black-and-white horror magazine business, mixing new material with reprints from pre- Comics Code horror comics, most notably in its flagship title Weird — , as well as the magazines Tales of Voodoo — , Horror Tales — , Tales from the Tomb — , and Terror Tales — Stanley Publications also published a line of black-and-white horror magazines from to , including the titles Shock and Chilling Tales of Horror.

In , the Comics Code Authority relaxed some of its longstanding rules regarding horror comics, which opened the door to more possibilities in the genre:.

Scenes dealing with, or instruments associated with, walking dead or torture shall not be used. Vampires, ghouls and werewolves shall be permitted to be used when handled in the classic tradition such as Frankenstein , Dracula , and other high-caliber literary works written by Edgar Allan Poe , Saki , Conan Doyle , and other respected authors whose works are read in schools around the world.

Following this, Marvel returned to publishing true horror by first introducing a scientifically created, vampire-like character, Morbius, the Living Vampire , [68] followed by the introduction of Dracula in Tomb of Dracula.

This opened the floodgates for more horror titles, such as the anthology Supernatural Thrillers , Werewolf by Night , and two series in which Satan or a Satan-like lord of Hell figured, Ghost Rider and the feature " Son of Satan.

Additionally, Skywald Publications offered the black-and-white horror-comics magazines Nightmare , Psycho , and Scream. DC during this time continued to publish its existing supernatural fiction and added new horror series such as Ghosts , The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love later titled Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion , Secrets of Haunted House , Secrets of Sinister House , Swamp Thing , Weird Mystery Tales , Weird War Tales , and Tales of Ghost Castle.

Charlton continued in this vein as well, with Ghostly Haunts , Haunted , Midnight Tales , Haunted Love , and Scary Tales.

Underground cartoonists , many of them strongly influenced by s EC Comics like Tales from the Crypt , [69] also tried their hands at horror.

By the mids, the horror comics boomlet slowed and various titles were cancelled. Only a few DC titles persevered by the end of the decade, the long-running Gold Key mystery comic series ceased during the early s, and predominantly reprint Charlton series managed to survive past mid-decade.

DC's traditional titles sputtered out during the early s, and its transformed anthology "Elvira's House of Mystery" was the final title to be produced, lasting only a dozen issues.

As these and Warren publications disappeared, new titles from the s onward would all be in new formats i. Beginning in the late s and early s, independent publishers produced a number of successful horror comics franchises.

FantaCo Enterprises and Millennium Publications boasted lineups almost exclusively devoted to horror, vampire, and zombie comics. For instance, saw the revival of Kitchen Sink's Death Rattle , followed a year later by the debut of FantaCo's horror anthology Gore Shriek , edited by Stephen R.

Bissette , who also contributed stories to each issue. Bissette also edited the acclaimed anthology Taboo , which ran from to In , Pacific Comics produced two series that, while admittedly inspired by the EC Comics of the s, foresaw the form that horror comics would take in the coming decades.

Printed in color on high-quality paper stock despite a higher cover price, the series Twisted Tales and Alien Worlds were short-lived and hard-pressed to keep to a regular production schedule, but offered some of the most explicitly brutal and sexual stories yet to be widely distributed in a mainstream "non-underground" format.

Both series eventually moved to Eclipse Comics , which also produced similar titles such as The Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones and Alien Encounters which they inherited from Fantaco.

Elvira's House of Mystery. In , DC Comics revived the Swamp Thing series, attempting to capitalize on the summer release of the Wes Craven film of the same name.

The appeal of this one, for me, is in the juxtaposition between the charming sweetness of its suburban setting and the darkness that lies beneath.

The eponymous Abbott is used to being the only reporter willing to bring attention to incidents affecting her black community.

But something about this latest gruesome case piques her interest for another reason entirely—and it may have something to do with the occult.

Lemire is known to be incredibly prolific within the comics world, and his stories have been highly acclaimed. The gorgeous artwork. The slowly unspooling—and troubling—story about a mysterious black barn that seems to just appear.

Ohmygod you guys. I picked up the first issue of this one just last week, and had to immediately add it to my pull list.

The artwork is downright terrifying. And Marvel's Crypt of Shadows is an honorable tribute to the great anthology horror comics of old, with three creepy short stories to feast on, one after another.

So, go ahead and enter the crypt for a little frolic in the tradition of the horror anthology greats. Jughead: The Hunger vs Vampironica is a fun-filled, pulp horror style romp through Riverdale that pits a vampiric Veronica Lodge against Jughead, who's been transformed into a werewolf.

This is yet another enjoyable read in the successfully reinvented Archie Comics canon that changed the fortunes of the publisher for the better.

Country horror in the vein of Harrow County and Redneck has been doing quite well in recent years, and with good reason. Redlands is another well-crafted horror epic brought to you by Jordie Bellaire and Vanesa R Del Rey.

The witches, in particular, are important role players in the story, having ruled the town with an iron fist since they seized power from the authorities.

Redlands is slasher, body horror and supernatural horror all in one gruesome package. It's not for everybody but if you like them dark and muddy, this one's for you.

A small-town priest and a big city introvert search for the mysterious Black Barn - a building that has allegedly appeared in various places throughout history and left a trail of death and destruction in its wake.

This is not traditional horror fare. Lemire's mission in creating it was to craft "intelligent horror", as he put it. Gideon Falls is a tale of human desperation and despair, built around a terrible mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Valeria Favoccia. Historically, comics writers have used horror to deal with social issues, complex philosophical ideas, and moral quandaries, conjuring the specters of real-world fears into powerful bone-chilling narratives whose monsters and mystery hint at the darkness imprinted on the human soul. Horror comics are comic books, graphic novels, black-and-white comics magazines, and manga focusing on horror fiction. In the US market, horror comic books reached a peak in the late s through the mids, when concern over content and the imposition of the self-censorship Comics Code Authority contributed to the demise of many titles and the toning down of others. The 15 Best Horror Comics of , Ranked 15 Fearscape. Fearscape is the sort of horror book that slowly sinks its hooks into your brain and tugs. From the very 14 DCeased. Zombie comics are a dime a dozen. It doesn’t even take any brains to write them anymore, as the formula has 13 Basket. In the first half of the s, one comic company ruled the roost when it came to vivid horror, and that company was EC Comics. EC published three horror comics that changed everything, Vault of. of the Best Horror Comics of All Time B.P.R.D.. What began as a Hellboy anthology spin-off quickly became the Mignolaverse title most likely to dip into full H.P. Lovecraft’s The Hounds and Other Stories. For all of H.P. Lovecraft’s tentacle-waving impact on pop culture, his Mr. Arashi’s. Main article: EC Comics. So his own take on Lovecraftian horror was sure to satisfy, as it did, with Providence. Writer: Alan Moore Artist: Jacen Burrows Publisher: Avatar Press Alan Moore might be best known for works like Watchmen and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemenbut even his most mainstream superhero work has relied on some Sky Kundencenter.De visions. In Gold Key put out three licensed horror-themed comics, two based Lucifer Staffel 3 Start the TV horror-comedies The Addams Family and The Munstersand the other titled Ripley's Believe it or Wdr Aktuell Düsseldorf By building its anthology around a place rather than a subgenre, Bones of the Coast attracted everything from what-goes-there forest terror to subtle body horror to mythical monsters made real, all bound to the towering trees, rocky beaches and Baumeister Muriel forests of its corner of North America. The premise sounds just absurd enough Ridley Scott Filme elicit an uncomfortable laugh: the inhabitants of a small town find themselves obsessed with spirals. The exchange between Gaines and Kefauver led to a front-page story in The New York Times :. Those who contract the disease suffer from fits of rage, hallucinations, and suicidal dementia. The Batman Who Laughs marks Scott Snyder's return to writing Batman along with the artist Jock--the two having previously collaborated on Snyder's very first Batman comic. Professional Academy of Comic Book Arts Horror Comics of Canadian Cartoonists Association of Comics Magazine Publishers Australian Cartoonists' Association National Cartoonists Society Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas. Summer Special GhoulScream! Barker, Martin A number of other horror titles carried on Srien Stream Vertigo, like DeadmanHouse of Mystery and Haunted Tankor were given a horror spin or an update like Kid Eternity and Jonah Hex. Artist Baldemar Rivas delivers remarkably moody Lovecraftian images that depict horrifying fleshy nightmares and gore. Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson: Moon Called Volume 2. Leandro Rizzo. Die Same Same But Different Stream Geschichte hinter dem Winchester Gewehr nehmen Peter Tomasi und Ian Bertram hier zum Anlass, um eine zeitlose Geistergeschichte zu erzählen.


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